Letter of Concern for Effect of Poor Management on Sales

A letter of concern is needed to be written in order to let the recipient know that their performance is not up to the mark and they need to improve. Employers often show their concern when things are not according to them. For instance, when a business does not make much profit due to the decline in the number of sales, the employer can think of different factors that must have contributed to it. Then, different steps can be taken to prevent the same thing happen again.

What is a letter of concern for the effect of poor management on sales?

It is a formal letter that the employer writes to the manager of the company to communicate his concern arising due to the reduction in the sales of the company. The manager is responsible for the management as it plays a big role in making a business succeed.

When the employer learns that there is no good management in the company, he can contact the manager who was supposed to make the management smooth and efficient. In this letter, the employer lets the manager know that concerns are being drawn due to poor management.

Why it is important to write this letter?

When employers write a letter of concern, they try to draw the attention of the recipient toward the matter that he may not be attentive to. Through this letter, the manager of the company is told that the company’s management needs to improve. This way, the manager comes to know that he is being noticed and a lot is being expected from him to make a business succeed.

Although the employer criticizes the manager in this letter, the purpose of this letter is not to admonish anyone but to ask them to work on themselves so that they can improve their performance and show positive results.

What are the main elements of the letter of concern over poor performance?

If you want to write a letter that has a strong impact, you should remember to add the following components to the letter:

  1. Description of what drew concerns for the employer regarding the sales of the company
  2. Description of how it has been noticed that there was poor management in the company and the manager was not performing his duties well
  3. Expectations from the manager to address the concern and take necessary steps to boost the sales of the company
  4. A request to the manager to show cooperation and take the criticism as an opportunity to be more productive and show an excellent boost in performance.

Sample letter:




Company’s name:

Subject: Concern about the impact of bad management on sales

Dear [Mention the name of the manager],

I am writing this letter to show my concern about the declining number of sales of our products. I have been observing the sales department and noticed several underlying issues that I believe became the cause of the inability of our sales team to boost sales.

First of all, I noticed that there is some kind of communication gap between the members of the sales team. Due to this, there was a disagreement owing to the specification of the product. Due to this, the product could not be designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of the customers.

Second of all, I have seen that the sales expectations were not explained well by the manager. The manager did not tell the goals of the company in terms of sales and therefore, the sales team was not seen as confused. Due to the poor performance of the manager and the entire sales team, the company has experienced a serious decline in its sales.

I am addressing my concerns because I believe that it will help you improve your performance. This way, the success of the company will be ensured. I expect you to take some necessary actions to improve your performance. I am also ready to provide you with the necessary support that you might need when you are taking steps to improve your performance.

Thank you so much for considering my concern


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Letter of Concern for Effect of Poor Management on Sales

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