Letter of Concern for Slow Progress Over Project Completion

When your project team has taken up the responsibility of completing a project, there will be a deadline to meet. However, the project team doesn’t have to always work smoothly. Sometimes, the employer notices that the progress of the project is very slow. This can be due to many reasons. If the employer wants to look into all the reasons that are affecting the normal pace of the project and makes everyone aware of the real problem, they can choose to write a letter of concern over it.

What is a letter of concern for slow progress over project completion?

Many such things happen in a company that makes the employer worried. When this happens, the employer tries to know about the answerable person. Then, the letter of concern is written to that person.

When a project is slow, the employer can write a letter of concern to the project manager to let him know that the slow progress of the project has been noticed and this has drawn concerns. It is important to note that this letter is not written as a part of any disciplinary action. Rather, it is a polite request from a stakeholder to the project manager to work on the project with diligence.

What is the purpose of the letter of concern due to the slow progress of the project?

Whether it is a company’s project or it is working on an outsourced project, how a team progresses with the project matters a lot. In general, there is a specific deadline to meet. So, a project team can’t take as much time as it wants. The employer often does not know much about the inner details of the project. So, when there is slow progress, a letter of concern is written to inquire about the underlying reasons for the slow progress.

This letter is used to encourage the project manager to improve his and his team’s performance. This also lets them know that their work and progress are being noticed. This way, they become conscious of their work and try to complete it as per the commitment of the client.

Tips for writing a letter of concern on slow progress:

Here are some useful tips to follow:

  1. Express your concern confidently without mentioning something that is not relevant.
  2.  Talk to the recipient politely so that he can also feel that you are not being angry or critical and you are just helping them to improve.
  3. If possible, remind the project manager of the date by which the project has to be delivered. This way, he will be able to think about the progress and your concern will also make sense to him.
  4. Ask the recipient to address the concerns you have shown in the letter and also to increase the speed of work.
  5. Make the reader know that you are ready.

To better understand how you can write a professional-looking letter, read the sample letter given below:

Sample letter:




Company’s name:

Subject: Concern about the slow progress of the project

Dear [Mention the name of the project manager],

This letter is being written to let you know that I have noticed the slow progress of the project [Mention the name of the project]. The deadline for submission of the project is very close and you know that a late submission hurts the reputation of the company. Therefore, I am very much concerned about it.

I have been noticing since last month that there are significant delays in the submission of tasks. Despite the fact that the company is supporting the team morally and financially, the progress of the project is too slow. To be honest, I did not expect it.

I understand that there are many such situations when the progress of the project is not according to the timeline stated by the team earlier. However, reevaluating and planning again can help your catch up with the expected deadline.

If there is anything you need my support on, feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for giving attention to this matter.


Name of the sender

Letter of Concern for Slow Progress Over Project Completion

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