Change of Property Management Letter to Tenant

In the business relationship between tenant and landlord, there are many such instances when the landlord and tenant communicate with each other by writing a letter. Whenever there is an announcement to be made by the landlord, he will write a letter to the tenant.

What is a change of property management letter to the tenant?

Property management is a process of managing residential, commercial, or real estate property. It is often a complicated process that needs time. This is the reason, various service providers provide the services of property management.

Usually, tenants have to deal with property management hired by the landlord. They pay rent, lodge complaints, and discuss everything with the property managers.

When the landlord changes the property management due to any reason, they need to let the tenant know about it. For this purpose, they write a letter to the tenant to inform them about the change in management.

What is the purpose of the change in the management letter to the tenant?

 As a tenant deals with the manager who has been employed by the landlord, the tenant must know who he should contact if there is a change. This letter lets the tenant know that the management has changed and now they are supposed to be dealing with the new management.

How to write?

When you are writing a letter to announce the change, you have to be very careful as to how you put the details in the letter. Sometimes, you make the letter a little confusing and then the tenant floods your inbox with questions. Here are the tips to avoid such situations:

Inform the tenant about the change in the beginning:

As soon as you start the letter, make the reader know about the change in property management. After that, give the details of the new company you have signed the contract with. Mention the date from which the new company will begin to fulfill its responsibilities.

Deal with the insecurities of the tenant:

The tenant might get insecure after reading this letter and you should be able to deal with those insecurities. Let the tenant know briefly about the management and tell how that property management will prove to be a positive change in the life of the landlord as well as the tenant.

Discuss the contract details:

Although it is not important, you can share the contract details with the tenant so that the tenant can see on what terms you have decided to work with the new managers. This will help the tenant know what kind of changes they can expect.

Ask the tenant to cooperate:

Your contract with the property managers will not be successful unless the temporary residents of the property are ready to show cooperation and support. Therefore, you can request the tenant to show cooperation with the new managers so that the business relationship goes well.

To better understand the letter and its format, read the sample letter given below:

Sample letter




Name of the company,

Subject: change of property management for [XYZ]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the property management has been changed. This decision has been taken due to the end of the contract with the previous property management.

With this, I would like to assure you that the new contract will have no impact on the lease contract that you have signed with us. The new management is committed to providing excellent and high-quality services to all the property residents.

Please note that we have made some minor changes to the contract that we can share with you on your special request. However, these minor changes have no impact on any resident.

We have shared your email address and phone number with the new property management and they will contact you very soon

You are expected to show cooperation with them so that we can smoothly work with each other.

We look forward to your cooperation and support. Thank you so much for your attention to the matter


Name of the sender

Change of Property Management Letter to Tenant

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