Project Start Email to Client

When you are working on a project, you are required to take everything seriously. Your client’s satisfaction with the work you perform is very important. So, a project manager ensures that the entire project teams as well as the client are on the same page when work on a project is being done.

What is a project start email to a client?

It is a formal correspondence from the project manager to the client to let the client know that the work on the project has started. This email is generally written when everything regarding the project is settled between a company and a client.

Why write an email to a client when a project is initiated?

Clients have a direct impact on a project. Most of the time, they want the project manager to inform them before any task regarding the project is executed. This is because they often want several things to be changed. So, informing the client is important.

What are some basic tips about writing the project start an email?

Writing an email requires one to be very professional and diligent. Read the tips given below:

Understand the wants of your client:

When you begin a project, there must be a proper procedure to follow. You must know that procedure. In addition, your client often wants you to be cooperative and understanding. Some clients also want you to share the update of the project every once a week or a month. You should know what your client’s needs are and then draft the email.

Understand what should not be said:

As a project manager, there may be enough stuff to share with the client via email. You should know what you should add to the email and what details you should not add to the email. Keep the email short and share only those details that are relevant to the beginning of the project. For instance, you should mention the date on which the project is going to be started.

Ask for the client to show involvement:

Sometimes, the project manager and the client have an agreement between them according to which, it is the responsibility of the project manager to write an email to the client when he starts the project. If this is the case, the project manager should ask the client to show his involvement where it is needed.

Don’t tell what the client should not do:

Many people feel that this email is a great opportunity to let the client know what they are not supposed to do. So, they start sharing do’s and don’ts with the client which is a poor practice. Clients don’t like being told what they should not do. If you want a healthy and friendly relationship with the client, you should take care of several things that the client may not like.

Share your contact details:

Before you close the email, give your contact details so that the client can reach you. You can also share the phone number of the concerned people who should be contacted for getting some specific type of information regarding the project.

Show optimism:

Since you are just beginning your project, you need to be optimistic and also show your good wishes for the successful accomplishment of the project. Mention that you are hopeful that the project will be completed following a very smooth process.

Read the sample email to know how you can write this email.

Sample email:

Subject: Project [XYZ] is going to begin

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this email to draw your attention to the project that our company is going to initiate on 14th March 20XX. We already have had enough discussions with you and the roles of every person connected with this project are clearly defined. We would like to ask you to show your involvement as and when it is required. If you want to modify anything regarding the project, please feel free to contact the concerned authorities.

Thank you so much for reviewing this email. We look forward to your kind response. We hope that we shall be able to complete this project in time.


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Project Start Email to Client

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