Purchase Requisition Form

A department in a company may need to order things for the department. These need to be told to the purchasing department so that the things can be ordered and brought.

What is a Purchase Requisition Form?

A purchase requisition form is made by the user department or storeroom personnel that notifies the purchasing department of the items it wants to order the quantity, and the timeframe. It can even have the authorization to go ahead with the purchase.

Purchase Requisition Form

What to add to a purchase requisition form?

If you need to create a purchase requisition form you can consider the below details:

Microsoft Word/Excel– The form can be made in Microsoft Word or Excel where calculations can occur.

Heading– The form needs a heading like “Purchase Requisition Form”

Name of the company– This can be given next.

Delivery- State when the delivery of the products needs to occur.

Table– Create a table that will have the heading Quantity, Description, and Last Purchase Price. Under this will be written how many items of the particular product need to be brought and its last price. You can have a column of the unit price and total price and then at the end have a row of the total so that the total is known. With this table, it will be easy to see what things need to be brought and how much they will cost.

Purpose– A slot that will state the purpose of the items needs to be given so that it is known why they need to be brought. This is important as it helps the purchasing department decide whether these items are needed or not.

Budgeted Expenditure– State whether this is applicable or not.

Funds available– This needs to be stated in yes or no.

Table of quotations or tenders received– A table with this should be created. It will have the following rows, supplier, approved supplier, date, contact person and their contact number, prices offered, and special conditions or remarks. These are details that need to be known by the reader. At the bottom, the recommended supplier or service provider should be given. State the reasons if the supplier is chosen who did not give the lowest offer. You need to encourage the company to order those items which you want.

Signatures– Provide the names and signatures of those who the request was proposed by, and approved by. With these give the date as well as when it occurred.

Advantages of a Purchase Requisition Form:

The advantages of a purchase requisition form are:

  • Allows a department in a company to let the purchasing department know of anything that needs to be done for the department.
  • Let the purchasing department or individual see if the items ordered are needed.

A purchase requisition form is an important form as it approves whether or not a department should get supplies that they have requested. Therefore the details and reasons for these need to be given clearly so that they can be approved.

Purchase Requisition Form

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