Cheque Requisition Form

Cheques must be kept safely as they are employed to transfer money to people. These are important and need to be made carefully. You may need to request and authorize payments with the help of a cheque. This process needs to be done carefully and can be helped with a form.

What is a Cheque Requisition Form?

When a cheque is required, a requisition form can be made. This shows to whom the particular cheque needs to be made out (i.e. payee) and the amount that is needed. Often this gets accompanied by documentation proving that the specific amount is right, and the payment is proper. The document is then sent to the individual like a chief accountant who keeps the cheques. They will then use this as a basis when writing the cheque.

Cheque Requisition Form

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If you need to make a cheque requisition form, then you can consider the following points:

  • Microsoft Word: The cheque requisition form is a professional and important document. Therefore, it can be made in Microsoft Word. Here the information and amount are written.
  • Logo of the company: The Company requesting the cheque can have its logo on the form.
  • Heading: The form needs a heading like “Cheque Requisition Form.”
  • Date: It is necessary to state the date clearly so that it is known when the form was used.
  • Cheque amount: The amount must be stated without any mistake. A slot for this should be present.
  • Pay to: A slot for this needs to be on the form. It is also necessary to start with the address and particulars. Leave much space for the address and particulars as these can be lengthy details.
  • Send a cheque to: This slot will tell who the cheque needs to be sent to. It can be the same as the above or some other one.
  • Charge to: This can state the Organization and Account Code.
  • Requisitioner: This area will be for the person who is requisitioning the cheque. It will provide their details, department, date, signature, etc.
  • Approved by: In this form, this area needs to be present. The name and signature of this individual should be given. An area for their title and date can be included.
  • For finance use only: This table can be present at the bottom. It will have the invoice number and other details that the company giving the cheque states.

Advantages of the form:

The advantages of a cheque requisition form are:

  • Allows one to formally request a cheque from a company.
  • Is proof that the cheque was requested.
  • Is an official note that a department can make to a company accounts staff requesting them to write a cheque.

A cheque requisition form is a very important form that needs to be made carefully. It should clearly state the important details and be simple to understand. It is a professional form and therefore should be created in this way. The above points can be looked at when making this form.