Work from Home Agreement Letter

A work-from-home agreement letter is written by the employer, in which he addresses the employee and informs him about the acceptance of his request to work from home. This letter is usually accompanied by detailed company policies and required standards for employees who are working from home.

Sometimes, employees opt for the option of working from home rather than coming to the office on a daily basis. Usually, the reasons behind this are personal in nature, e.g. baby, family commitments, injury, etc.

Whatever the reason is, when the employee seeks permission to work from home from the employer, the employer has to analyze his request properly so that the company does not have to suffer.

Now, working from home has become a common thing due to technological advancements, which is why employees often request it and companies have developed separate policies and standards for it.

When the work-from-home agreement letter is being written, the employer can show his agreement through a pre-designed or self-developed template. The source of a pre-designed template may be the company, online resources, or computer programs. The chosen template is customized as per the details of the employee and the employer. Generally, the included information in the letter is:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the agreement.
  • Criteria to be fulfilled by the employee.
  • Company’s facilitation in the process, such as access to the company networks, etc.

Sample Work-from-Home Agreement Letter


Dear Ms. Jennifer,

We have gone through your request for and reasons behind working from home. We have decided to accept your request provided you fulfill all the related criteria.

Attached with this letter is a form that needs to be filled and submitted by the end of this month i.e. September 20XX, to complete the processing of your application. The attached document also contains all the details of the company policies regarding working from home along with the required standard of work.

You have been our exceptional employee and we hope that the level of your efforts and work will not show any decline. We do not care where you work from but we care about the standard and quality of your work. Also, we want you to work in an environment that is comfortable for you.

We acknowledge that you have a little baby who needs your attention and you cannot leave him alone until you find a nanny. Therefore, we are allowing an open time period for you to work from home. You only have to visit the office once a month for a few hours just to provide a presentation about the updates. We have requested the IT department to allow you access to the main network from your home.

We would appreciate it if you would make the arrangements for the baby and come back to the office on a regular basis soon. Feel free to contact us for any information or query regarding the attached document.


Jill William.

Work from home agreement letter

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