Explanation Letters for being Absent

Explanations letters for being absent are written by the employees for informing their superiors or employers regarding the reasons behind their absence. Usually, an employee informs his employer about his forthcoming absence, but sometimes, he may not be able to notify his employer beforehand regarding his absence in an emergency or unpredicted circumstance. In such cases, the employee writes a letter afterward and explains his absence to the employer with logical reasons.

This letter is an essential document not only because it goes in the employee file, but also, because it is important, as it formally explains to the employer why the employee was absent. If an employee does not care enough to write this letter, it might show his lack of seriousness toward his work and he/she might not be able to stay in the good books of the employer. The employers understand the emergency situations, but they need a formal notification and explanation from an absent employee as well.

This letter may contain varying details based on the employee’s and the company’s requirements. If a pre-designed template from any online source or program is chosen for the task of writing this letter, it can be customized as per those requirements. Otherwise, an employee can design and write the letter himself as well, but that, of course, would require more effort and time. Generally, the letter includes the following details:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • The period of absence.
  • Reasons behind the absence.
  • Reasons behind not informing beforehand, if applicable.
  • Apologize, if applicable.
  • Inform about how the missed work would be or have been compensated.
  • Signature.

The explanation letters for being absent may even be written by the students to their teachers or principal or any concerned authority. The same details, as mentioned above, would be included with some variations depending on the scenario of a school and student environment.

This letter, written by an employee or a student, needs to be formal and professional in nature. It should be comprehensive and yet not wordy. Any irrelevant or misleading information should be avoided.

Sample -1

This letter stands for my sheer confession of the obliviousness that I had indulged in for being absent from work without even letting you know by writing a letter or email. As I have always been recognized as an honest and professional employee, I consider it my obligation to state the happenings which kept me from doing this earlier.

On my last working day when I went back home, I got the bad news of my grandfather’s sudden death which left me in shock giving me no time to think like a rational person since I had a huge emotional attachment to him. I booked the earliest first flight and went to my hometown where he used to reside to attend his funeral ceremonies.

After two days I realized my folly and felt thoroughly responsible for being so irrational. I at once contacted the manager and told him the reason but it was too late. So I decided to write this explanation letter to you. I hope you will understand my situation and will give me a first and final fair chance to prove myself.


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Sample -2

By writing this letter I plead guilty to not showing up at the office for two consecutive days without asking for leave beforehand. I am working with [company name] for several years and this is the first time that anything of this kind ever happened. Through this apology letter, I want to explain the reason behind this incident.

The reason for being absent was a sudden heart attack. I had no idea what was happening to me when I got home. The only thing I could feel was sweating and shortness of breath. Afterward, I got faint and when I woke up I was in the emergency room with a cluster of doctors around me. On inquiry, I came to know about this mini heart attack and its origin.

I had to stay at the hospital for 2 days since I was still in ICU. The doctors kept me under observation for 24 hours to see if it happens again. Moreover, mobile phones or any such device is prohibited there due to which I was absolutely unable to contact you anyhow.

I am also attaching my MC along with all the details and dates mentioned in it in order to strengthen my above-narrated statement.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Sample -3

I express my deep regrets for not being able to provide you with the advanced announcement about being absent to work for the last 2 days. I understand the importance of informing the authorities before going on an out-of-the-blue leave for even a single day so that the work is not meet them halfway. But I couldn’t inform you and below I have mentioned why.

On Tuesday morning, I was on my way to the office when I met a life-risking accident. I was spontaneously taken to the hospital where I got my medical examination done. 

Although I got many bruises and wounds all over my body luckily I didn’t get any major injuries due to which I was discharged after one day. The medicines I was given kept me sleepy the next whole day. I have also attached the necessary documents with this letter to support my statement.

Thank you for understanding!

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