Accounts Manager Resume

Accounting Manager is one of the most important parts of any organization. The main purpose of any sale-oriented organization is to boost its sales. Boosting sales is one of the main reasons why companies like to hire an accounts manager. There are lots of job responsibilities which are assigned to the accounting manager depending on the company’s needs. The main purpose of designing this resume is to highlight the skills and competencies of the accounts manager.

A strong resume of accounts manager can let the recruiter know about your skills and he can evaluate why you should be preferred over other applicants. It is very important, to sum up, everything in the resume. Make sure that you have written your resume in a precise manner. A resume with unnecessary details cannot work well to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Sample Resume:            


A highly focused and detail-oriented person who is capable of generating financial reports. A skilled individual who is responsible for generating revenue effectively. Proficient in speaking English and can communicate and coordinate well with clients to reach the maximum satisfaction level of the company. Work with passion and hard work to improve the reputation of the company. Skilled at handling the accounting system of the company can work with various accounts simultaneously.

Core competencies:

  • Adept at performing management of office
  • Capable enough to analyze finance and then to make decisions on the basis of those analyses
  • Able to prepare an effective budget for the company
  • Have strong abilities to recruit right and suitable individuals for the company
  • Strong and motivated to manage the projects, resources, and other tasks that are being conducted in the company
  • An enthusiastic individual who can not only identify the problems of the customers but can also solve them
  • Detailed and extensive experience in account management
  • Highly proficient in managing various accounting-related software
  • Excellent leadership qualities

Work experience:

Accounting manager:

XYZ Corporation from 2005- Present

  • Perform daily tasks of clients related to accounting
  • Perform the auditing of the performance on daily basis
  • Check the customer information log for any problem
  • Keep check of the individuals for the performance and the training that has been given to them to work effectively for the betterment of the accounting department
  • Introduce different techniques in the company that can be useful for it

Account Coordinator:

XYZ Corporation from 2000-2004

  • Helped other members in house client consultation
  • Quickly responded to the queries of the clients and solved their problems immediately
  • Also supported in building accounting system for the management of accounting database
  • Prepared and induced various policies in the company to enhance the quality of the output it generates


My objectives are:

  • To provide assistance to other co-workers in managing account-related tasks
  • To coordinate with the working of other people and to provide them a platform where they can practically use their learned skills
  • To manage and review the documentation of the accounts department
  • To work independently as a professional account manager

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