Notice to Deduct Salary for Late Coming

Managing human resource and enforcing office regulations is important for the smooth running of a business. Office rules usually include punctuality and proper dressing. Employees are expected to comply with office timings strictly. Office punctuality is important for a number of reasons:

  • It helps maintain decorum in the office
  • It is easy to track employee work hours
  • Since everyone’s work is interrelated, if employees are coming and going randomly, coordination becomes difficult and organizational productivity goes down
  • Moreover, monitoring employee performance is also difficult with employees coming in late or going early

Thus employees are expected to arrive sharply on time unless they have a special reason for occasionally arriving late at the office. If employees make it a habit to come late, they are first verbally reprimanded. If the attitude becomes persistent the employee may receive written warnings to correct their behavior. The final steps taken by an organization is to penalize an employee for persistently coming late to work. Employees may be penalized in one of the following ways:

  • Marking employees absent for the whole day if they come in late again
  • Deducting salary by the hour for coming in late
  • Applying a fine for coming in late for work
  • Poor performance evaluation
  • Suspension for a few days (in extreme cases)

The most common punishment for always being late to work is to deduct salary. When punctuality is directly tied to salary, employees make serious efforts to be on time. However such steps are only taken when employees make a habit to come late. Coming late to work one day for some reason cannot be counted as a habit and must not be penalized.

Here are some situations where an employee’s salary may be deducted for late coming:

  • The employee is frequently late to work
  • The employee is casual towards office timings and also not completing assigned tasks
  • The employee makes it a habit to come to office late on Monday
  • An employee comes late and leaves early
  • The employee always arrives late for important meetings
  • The employee is usually coming more than an hour late

All these situations are serious and need to be managed strictly. This is because if one employee is given leverage, everyone will start taking leverage and at the end of the day, the organization will suffer. Here is a sample notice to write to an employee notifying him/her that salary deductions will be made for late coming:


To [employee name]

Subject:                Notice to deduct salary for the late coming

It has been observed from your time in records that you have been arriving late to work frequently for more than two months. Earlier you were given a warning that serious action will be taken against you if you continue to come to work late. However, since the last warning four weeks ago, you have been late for thirteen days. This non-punctuality bears a negative effect on the organizational environment as well as productivity.

Please note that in future the organization will deduct a fine from your salary for late coming. The deductions will be based on an hourly rate and delay of 30 or more minutes will be counted the same as an hour.

We expect all our employees to strictly adhere to office timings in order to maintain office decorum and achieve optimal efficiency.


Name of authorized person

Human Resources Department


Notice to deduct salary for late coming