Written Warning for Confrontational Behavior

The confrontational behavior of the employees is not acceptable in any organization. This includes harassment, intimidation, use of abusive language and a lot more.

What is confrontational behavior?

Confrontational behavior is an offensive and inappropriate behavior that not only interferes with the normal functioning of the company but also ruins its reputation.

It is important for every organization to define the behavior which is unacceptable. The consequences of all the inappropriate behaviors should also be defined.

When the employer faces the rude behavior, he has a right to discipline that behavior. One of the most appropriate ways to deal with the rude behavior is to write the warning letter. The warning letter should be written in a professional way.

When the behavior of the employee becomes unacceptable, the employer or the manager of the company is required to take control of the situation and take necessary disciplinary actions.

Usually, the steps taken by the employer, start with the verbal communication between the employer and the employee. The purpose of the verbal communication is to ask the employee to rectify the problem caused due to confrontational behavior.

However, if such unpleasant behavior persists, the warning letter can be written. The purpose of issuing the warning in the form of a written document is to emphasize the intolerable behavior of the employee.

How to deal with the confrontational behavior?

The best way to deal with such behavior is to discuss the entire matter with the employee.  The employer can meet the employee in person and discuss the matter.

The employer should share the problem with the employee with confidence. Moreover, the employer should encourage the employee to give the reason for this behavior.

How to write the warning for confrontational behavior?

  1. The warning letter should be written in a professional way. The letter should be kept concise and to the point.
  2. The tone of the employer should not be arrogant and rude. Keep your tone soft and courteous
  3. The employee should be told in the warning letter that his behavior is not acceptable, and he is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the company
  4. The employer should provide all the possible support to the employee so that he can keep himself from confrontational behavior again.
  5. The consequences of repeating the same problem should also be defined in the warning letter

Sample warning letter:

This letter is a written warning because of the incident that happened yesterday. We want to tell you that this type of behavior or misconduct that you showed yesterday is not acceptable to the company.

We are intended to make the environment of the workplace completely peaceful and safe. We expect every employee to abide by the rules and policies of the company to avoid the unpleasant consequences.

We have decided to put you on the warning period because you have been found violating the rules of the company. We are looking forward to your response.


Warning letter for confrontational behavior