Invoice Cancellation Letter

An invoice cancellation letter is one that is written by the customer to any service provider, institution, company or business owner. Whenever he finds that the invoice against which he has paid is not correct, he may request the business owner to cancel the invoice for rectification purposes. A Customer must be able to produce the wrong invoice as evidence. 

Whenever an invoice cancellation letter is being written by the customer, it means that he wants to run the process in a formal way. This, in return, will be beneficial for both parties. First, for a customer, the wrong invoice will be canceled. Secondly, a correct record will be available for Internal Revenue System while investigating tax returns. Thirdly, written communication with the owner of the company to cancel an invoice will have an added advantage of keeping everything to be recorded

An invoice cancellation letter is usually written by a customer when:

  • He finds that there are discrepancies in the prices of products mentioned on the invoice.
  • It appears there is something wrong with the number of products mentioned on the invoice. In this way, quantity and prices are not coherent with each other. Hence customer may forward his request for cancellation of the invoice on that occasion.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for every business organization. Therefore, this kind of letter is given due importance keeping in view his concern.

Sample Letter



M-43, Eden Villas, Michigan

Subject: Invoice cancellation letter

Dear Johnson,

I want to draw your attention to a serious issue through this letter. I forward my request to cancel the invoice slip which was forwarded to me by your company. I have been purchasing from your store since 2010 but after I came shopping for your store last time, I found there is something wrong with the invoice. I received your invoice number AB13 yesterday. It was generated on 15-04-20XX. I noticed that quantity of various items was not matching with prices.

On 15-04-20XX, I purchased 6 curtains from your store through a credit card. Yesterday, on receiving the invoice, I noticed that you have charged me for 7 curtains instead of 6. To err is human. This particular invoice has been produced as a result of human error. Somehow, it has to be canceled owing to the mistake I just mentioned. It will be your greatness if you cancel this invoice and replace it with a new and corrected one.

I hope you will entertain my request and cancel the wrong invoice.



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