Failure to Perform Job Duties Letter

It is a formal warning letter that a manager writes to his employee when he fails to perform his job duties. There are a variety of reasons why people don’t perform their duties well. The company always uses warning letters to bring such employees back on track.

When an employee receives a letter from the boss in which he is informed about the fact that he has been evaluated and the results regarding his performance are so disappointing, he can come to know about the seriousness of the matter. Since no one wants to lose their job, he/she will always improve their behavior.

Follow the tips given below:

  1. Divide the letter into three main sections and then allocate each section or paragraph for a particular type of content. Mention the purpose of writing the letter in the first paragraph of the letter.
  2. In the second paragraph, let the reader know how he has failed in performing his duties. In case the employee does not know that he is being monitored continuously, this letter will help him better understand everything.
  3. In the third section of the letter, warn the employee without being rude and also tell him that you have the authority to take action against him if he fails to perform his duties well. However, make sure that you close the letter on a very positive note.


I discussed this with your manager yesterday and I came to know that you are consistent in terms of performing poorly. Your manager has told me that has admonished you so many times for delivering the assigned work on time. You have also been asked to show up at the workplace on time. Non-stop mistakes at your end are stressful for everyone at the workplace.

You are not working up to the criteria and neglect is being seen time and again. It seems like you are failing in performing your duties well.

I would like to let you know that the company cannot afford incompetent people in the workplace. Therefore, you are required to prove that you are not incompetent by improving your performance. Furthermore, if you want to avoid your dismissal from the company, you must meet the standards of work,

I believe that I will receive any complaint from your manager regarding your poor performance. In addition, if you need any support or training to successfully fulfill your job role, let me know as I can get you enrolled in a training session.


You were assigned a task last month and I was expecting you to complete it within the period of one month. But, I am so disappointed to see that you have still not completed your work. You are aware of the culture of the company according to which, employees are expected to finish their work by the said deadline.

When the submission date reached, you did not show up and you also did not attend my phone call. When I asked you to provide me with the explanation letter to explain why you did show up, you did not respond.

According to the terms and policies of the company, any person who fails in fulfilling the job responsibilities that are assigned to him is deemed incompetent.

I would like to reiterate here that the company can never be in favor of tolerating those people who don’t fulfill their job roles. Your late submission of work and other sorts of misconduct have been ignored several times. However, if the company finds that you don’t change your behavior and take your responsibilities seriously, the company holds all the right to terminate you from the job.

I expect that you will improve your performance and try to meet the company’s expectations.