Diabetes Care Log for Schools

Diabetes is a horrific disease that seeps through a person’s life and changes the course of their lives for a long time. Thanks to the recent medical research, diabetes if not curable can be treated in a way that it doesn’t hinder the patient’s life. Previously it was thought that only adults suffer from diabetes but now even school going children suffer through this horrific ailment.

To ensure that these diabetic children get the best possible medical facility for this ailment at school, and to keep their school experience as normal as possible, a diabetes care log is maintained which is specially made for schools. Nurses or doctors that are in school can keep them to document and record the health of these diabetic children and to give them nourishment and treatment accordingly.

A diabetes care log for schools should mention details about the child such as their name, their age, class and etc. along with their medical school record number to keep a better track. Next, details regarding medication and nourishment should be mentioned which document what course the child took and what did he/she have with it. The time along with the dose should also be mentioned to make documentation better. It is vital that a blood sugar test is taken and be documented in the diabetes care log as well. God forbid if anything happens, this diabetes care log can act as a medical history for the child and ensure that the child gets the treatment he/she needs.

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Diabetes care log



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