Mileage Log with Reimbursement Amount

If driving is a part of your job, then you must keep track of all the costs that you incur. With the help of a mileage log, you can get the deduction in the federal income tax return. 

What is a mileage log with reimbursement amount? 

This form is used by many organizations in order to reimburse the expenses related to traveling that have been incurred by their employees. This log is usually maintained by the employee who travels for the company. 

Why is the mileage log with the reimbursement amount used? 

It is very useful in keeping track of the destinations reached by the employee as well as the distance traveled. The companies believe in maintaining a mileage log when they have to reimburse the travel expenses. In this way, the company ensures that the employee doesn’t add the mileage of distance traveled by him for personal work. Furthermore, the mileage log also prevents the employee from using the company’s vehicle unnecessarily. 

What are the benefits of using the log?

It is very beneficial for the companies to use the mileage log that has a reimbursement form attached to it. Some of the common benefits are:

  1. People who use the mileage log with reimbursement amount can easily claim the deduction from the tax return. In this way, they can save a lot. Employers often get the details about the mileage from the mileage log that an employee fill.
  2. With the help of reimbursement form, the employee can tell the employer all the expenses that he has incurred in the written form. In this way, the chances of the occurrence of confusion are decreased
  3. Using the mileage log with reimbursement form, the company can easily keep track of the activities of the employee. When the employee has to record every distance it travels, he lets the employer know about every place that goes at and for what purpose. 

What should be included in the log?

Mileage log with reimbursement form should present the following details

  1. Claim number
  2. Name of employee
  3. Name of employer
  4. Mileage reading from where the tracking started
  5. Mileage reading at which the tracking has to be ended
  6. Details of vehicle
  7. Purpose of traveling
  8. Details of rates per mile

At the end of the log, the calculated mileage should be mentioned. The employee should also mention the total amount to be reimbursed. If the reimbursement is for a specific project, the employee should mention the details about that project so that the employer can know which project is being reimbursed. 

The mileage log with reimbursement form is usually drafted in MS Excel format. There are readymade forms available in this file format. The user can download them and can make it easy for him to use the mileage log.

Using this template is very convenient since the user does not have to be worried about the details he should add to the mileage log. All he needs to do is fill the log. 

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