Letter on Unacceptable Office Language

Issues occur everywhere as there are people who behave rudely with others and also use unacceptable language. But the attitude and vulgar language are not accepted in the offices as it makes the environment toxic and also affects the atmosphere negatively. Just one person in a team can ruin the productivity of the whole team which is a loss of an organization.

The employee using the unacceptable language is not always the one who is not beneficial for the company because sometimes, an excellent employee is stressed due to workload or domestics issues. Vulgar language is not acceptable in offices in any case, no matter what.

The best solution is to give the verbal warning to the employee which is given by the human resource manager in the company and if the issue remains the same the matter is dealt with professionally. A letter of unacceptable office language is sent to the employee as the final warning after which the company has the right to terminate or suspend the employee.

Sending a warning letter means the officials are aware of the poor performance of the employee and he/she will be out of the company if he/she doesn’t work on the attitude in turning it good.

  • To whom the letter of unacceptable office language can be sent:
  • To an employee if he/she is hurting the colleagues with the use of indecent words.
  • The employee is behaving rudely with the high officials.
  • To the employee who is bullying the co-workers.
  • To the employee who is threatening the colleagues or subordinates in any way.
  • To the employee who is involved in making offensive gestures.
  • To the employee who is not giving respect to the peon, security guard or labor at the office.

It is essential to keep the record of the letter and it is crucial to add the proof with the letter, so the employee can’t deny the truth. A chance of improvement is provided to the employee and the action is not taken straight away.

Sample letter

Subject: Using unacceptable language at the workplace

Dear (employee name),

This is a formal warning letter following a verbal warning for using the unacceptable language at the workplace. You were given a verbal warning on (date) but you didn’t take the warning seriously which forced us in sending you a written warning after which you will be responsible for the consequences.

We expect a positive and humble attitude from each employee serving the company and those who are rude to the co-workers should not be a part of the organization. An employee involved in hate speech, bullying or using indecent language is not appreciated in any office. We know that you are an excellent employee with a great attitude but now the scenario has been changed and we are getting complaints against your behavior.

So, this letter is sent on the request of your project manager and this is the last warning before your termination on (date) if the issue is not solved.


(Manager name)

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