Warning Letter for Failure to Comply with Orders

A warning letter for failure to comply with the orders is a letter that is written by an employer and is addressed and issued to his employee. In this letter, the employer issues a written warning to the employee for the latter’s non-compliance to follow the orders of the employees higher in rank than him or the orders were given by the clients.

Employees need to follow orders to complete their work activities and tasks. However, sometimes, the employees show unprofessional behavior and non-compliance. There could be various reasons behind that, such as:

  • An employee may want to exercise undue authority and power.
  • An employee deems that he knows better than the given orders.
  • He is rigid and dominant,
  • He has not understood the orders properly or clarified the misunderstandings, etc.

When the orders are not followed properly, this might affect:

  • Work ethics and environment.
  • End results and productivity.
  • Inter-colleague relationships.
  • Client relationships, etc.

Therefore, an organization cannot simply ignore the non-compliance of the employees. Depending on the employee’s case of infringement, the warning letter is prepared with the information, warning, and tone most appropriate for the situation. However, the general details included in such letters are:

  • Date.
  • Employer information.
  • Employee information.
  • The issue of concern, i.e. non-compliance of orders.
  • Importance and effects of the issue.
  • Warning.
  • State consequences of continued non-compliance.
  • Show hope and seek a change of behavior.
  • Salutations and signature.

This warning letter is kept in the employee record file, which can be used for any future reference. As a warning letter can affect an employee’s reputation and evaluation, he attempts to avoid getting it in the first place or he tries to rectify his behavior once the letter is received, as the consequences of the continued non-compliance are clearly stated in the warning letter.

Sample Letter




Dear Mr. Steven,

This warning letter is being issued to you for your non-compliance to follow the orders given by your superiors and clients.

We have experienced many instances and received many complaints for last few months, especially after your promotion, which involves your non-compliance and failure to obey the orders and official requirements. This has affected our work ethics as well as our relationship with many clients due to inappropriate project deliveries. We, as a company, cannot afford either. After several futile oral warnings, we are forced to issue this warning letter. However, there will not be any second warning letter, and if your non-compliance continues, you will be demoted to your old position, which can be followed by your termination as well.

We understand that you want to exercise your authority, and we believe in your competency, which is the reason behind your promotion as well, but you cannot ignore the orders. We hope that you will change your behavior and start following the orders in a proper way.

If you need any information or assistance, you can contact me at [X].


Sarah William.

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