Letter of Concern to Management for Employee Performance

It’s a fact that not all the employees work hard and sincerely in a company but sometimes, the issues in an organization also affect the performance of the employee. Each employee must perform well for the company and should be productive no matter what the issue is or the management is forced to take any action against him/her.

Not every company behaves unprofessionally and terminates the employee if he/she is not performing well and submitting the work on deadline. Most of the companies send a warning letter to the employee and the boss also sends an email to management for employee performance.

The main purpose is to investigate the case and why the employee is not working properly, so the problems can be solved and the performance can be improved.

For which reasons the letter can be written:

  • If the employee is crossing the deadlines and not submitting the work on the decided time.
  • If an employee is irresponsible in listening to the guidelines and not working according to the demand.
  • If the employee is wasting time in gossiping about the company or other colleagues and not giving proper attention to the project.

The letter is not a complaint and it is just for informing the management about the poor performance of the employee. The purpose is not always the termination and in most of the cases, the immediate bosses writing the letter includes the ways about how the performance can be improved.

They also include a timeline for working on the employee to make the performance better, so time can be provided to the resource for improvement. The letter contains details of how the poor performance of the employee is impacting the company negatively. It is necessary to include for informing the management or the boss will be held responsible for non-productivity.

Sample Letter

Dear (manager’s name)

I was looking at the performance and sales of my team members and I was shocked to see that one of my team members (employee name) is not performing up to the mark. I was aware of the issue that he/she has some issues with the other team members and I tried my best to resolve them. He/she was also creating problems by asking for the half-day or off days which disturbed the project several times, but as a leader, I had to allow because I don’t want to pressurize my subordinate to an extent that he/she decided to leave the company.

After all the flexibility, (employee name) is unable to submit the tasks on time. Sadly, a good employee has turned to an employee who is performing poorly. I am writing this to inform you about the case and I want the management to discuss the issue in detail with him/her, so we can assist him/her back on the track. I don’t want to lose a great resource who was once an amazing performer.


(Name of team lead)

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Letter of Concern to Management for Employee Performance
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