Letter of Concern to Management for Unprofessional Behavior

It is true that there are employees in most of the companies who are involved in making the office environment toxic. The letter is written to the management for informing about an employee who is not behaving well in an office and it can be related to the use of vulgar language or it can also be linked to gossiping which creates troubles. First of all, the employee is warned about his wrongdoing and if he/she still doesn’t improve then the need for writing a letter arises. A warning letter is issued to the employee after the case is sent to higher management.

Managers and immediate bosses deserve respect and being treated poorly by a subordinate are sad. It can leave a bad lasting impact and it is obvious that no one wants a team member who is not respecting the boss and is irresponsible.

Unprofessional behavior can never be improved without addressing the issue, those who ignore the behavior of the employee has to face serious issues in the long run. So, it is wise to divert the attention of the management to the behavior of an employee if it is affecting the company negatively in any way.

Reasons to write a letter of concern for unprofessional behavior

  • When an employee is involved in a hate speech and using unacceptable language in the office.
  • If any employee is involved in too much gossiping spreading hate around the organization.
  • When an employee is not focusing on the assigned task and distracting colleagues or team members.
  • If the employee is blaming others for not submitting the task on time.
  • When the employee is unresponsive and not replying to the email or showing the irresponsible behavior.
  • If an employee is involved in office politics and is a reason for the fight between the team members.
  • When an employee is lying to the colleagues or the boss and there is proof.

Sample letter of concern for unprofessional behavior:

Dear (manager’s name),

I would like to inform you about a sad incident in the company as one of my team members is involved in office politics and (employee name) has unprofessional behavior which is affecting the office environment negatively. I had given him/her the warning verbally, but the issue is not resolved. Many colleagues complain to me about the behavior and I am concerned because it can turn the atmosphere toxic.

According to my understanding, he/she is involved in politics just for the promotion. He/she is risking the careers of other professionals in the company. Talking about his/her language, it is not acceptable and (employee’s name) is not performing well as when he/she joined. I want the higher management to investigate the case and know the reason to get the problem solved. It is mandatory to keep everyone working peacefully and focusing on the assigned task to complete the project before the deadline.

If you have any queries or want to know any other thing about the case, please contact me.


(your name)

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Letter of Concern to Management for Unprofessional Behavior
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