Notice of Business Closure

The notice of business closure is a notice that is issued by a company to its employees, customers, or suppliers. In this document, the employer notifies the addressee about the ceasing of business activities for a certain period of time.

Business closure could be due to many reasons, such as:

  • Celebratory holidays, such as Christmas holidays, Independence Day holidays, etc.
  • Renovation.
  • Expansion.
  • Change of ownership.
  • Deaths or emergencies.

This type of business closure is not a permanent cessation of the business, rather, it involves the stoppage of operations for a temporary period. When an organization wants to close its activities for some time, to avoid any inconveniences and issues, it needs to inform the relevant parties by issuing a notice of business closure. This notice serves many purposes. For instance:

  • It is a communication tool, which can be used internally (for employees) as well as externally (for customers and suppliers or other stakeholders).
  • It informs the addressee that the business is not operating for a certain time.
  • It informs about the closure duration and reason for the closure.
  • The special benefits, if any, can be availed by the addressees only if they are aware of them, which can be easily made possible through the issuance of this notice.
  • This notice can be used as a basis to resolve any issues. For instance, if the customers have been informed about the closure, yet they complain about late deliveries, the notice can be used as evidence by the company to justify the situation.
  • Although it is not a legal document, yet this can also be used as evidence for tax exemptions or other governmental taxes and procedures that are related to the closure period.

When this notice is being issued, it is important to review it to ensure that all the relevant information is provided, so that any issues, inconveniences, or misunderstandings can be avoided. The content can vary depending on the requirements of the situation, for which the business is being temporarily closed. However, generally, the notice of business closure contains the following details:

  • Date of issuance.
  • Information on the business organization.
  • Addressee information.
  • Notification of business closure.
  • Duration of closure, including the starting and ending date.
  • Reason for the closure.
  • Any benefits associated with the closure, such as bonuses, discounts, etc.
  • Good wishes.
  • Salutations and signature.

Sample Notice of Business Closure

Dear employees,

It is to inform you that we are closing our business activities for the Christmas holidays, which will start on 23rd December 20XX. The business will resume on 29th December 20XX at the regular time of 8:00 a.m.

We are giving long holidays so that you can enjoy with your family and friends. We have also arranged a Christmas party on 22nd December 20XX, and you all are invited with your family to come and enjoy. Your Christmas bonus is lying with the HR department. You can collect it any time before the holidays.

Enjoy your holidays and come back fresh!


ABC Limited.

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More Samples

Sample 1

We at ABC International regret to inform all our valued customers that the company will remain non-operative during Christmas. Earlier, we had decided to serve our customers with exciting offers during the religious festival but unfortunately due to some reasons we will remain non-operational during Christmas.

You, as customers have always supported ABC international no matter what the situation is. We are proud to say that customers are our asset. We will surely resume our business activities after the ten-day holidays with exciting new offers and surprises. Till then wishing all the people around a very happy Christmas.

Sample -2

We at XYZ will remain closed from 23rd January 20XX to 25th January 20XX due to heavy snow falling observed in the country as per the government announcement. We understand that our customers have been eagerly waiting for the mid-season sale which starts in January. But unfortunately, the sale will not take place due to the holidays.

The good news here is that we have planned to observe the sale period after the holidays end. The date will be intimated soon to all our customers. Thanking all for your love and support.

Sample -3

This is to bring in public information that SWB bank will remain closed due to ongoing cricket series as decided by the government. The banking service will not be available for 2 days i.e. (date) to (date). The good news that we have decided to increase our service timings for our customers. On dates prior, the dates mentioned above the bank will operate for 1 more hour than its regular timings.

SWB team wishes all its customers a happy holiday.