Fee Reminder Letter to Parents

A fee reminder letter to the parent is a letter that is written by the school or university or any other educational institute and is addressed to the parent of the student. This letter can be sent by the relevant authority, such as administration, HR, principal, headmaster/headmistress, etc., who has the power to communicate about such issues with the parent. This letter is sent as a reminder to the parent about the unpaid, outstanding, or defaulted fees.

Depending on the circumstances, a fee reminder letter can be formed as a generalized letter that can be sent to any parent whose child’s payment is due or can be written for individual parents. The generalized or individual nature of the letter impacts the content of the letter. In addition to that, the particular case of the student and the other required details also affect the included information. However, the general details included in a fee reminder letter to the parent are:

  • Date.
  • Information about the educational institute.
  • Information on the child and parent.
  • Issue of the unpaid fee.
  • State the institute’s policy in this regard.
  • Mention the last date of fee submission.
  • State consequences of non-payment as well as future consequences in case of continued delays.
  • Seek cooperation.
  • Good ending note.
  • Salutations and regards.

This letter serves as a reminder as well as a warning to the parent to make the fee payment. It is a critical letter in the sense that it should be written carefully, as it is being written to the respective parent, who is the source of income generation for the school. Therefore, it should not be condescending, yet it should indicate the strict and warning tone of the letter.

To make it an official and valid document, it is prepared on the educational institute’s letterhead and is duly stamped and signed by the relevant authority. This is also kept in the student record file.

Sample Fee Reminder Letter to Parent




Dear Mr. Jim,

I am writing this letter to remind you about the non-paid fee of your child, Emily Jim, of grade 5.

We expect all the parents to adhere strictly to our school policy of timely payment of fees. Your child’s school fee for the month of January 20XX has been delayed by 25 days, which is certainly not unacceptable. You are requested to make the payment till 7th February 20XX. Otherwise, we would have to suspend your child.

As this is the first time of delayed payment on your part, we are not taking any serious action. However, if this continues, we would be forced to impose penalties in the form of extra fines and cancellation of your child’s scholarship in the future.

We hope that you would make the payment soon and would try to avoid such delays in the future.

We wish to shape your child’s future in the best manner possible, and we need your cooperation in that. Let us know if you need any information on [X].


Sarah Robson.

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