Store Closing Letter to Customers

As soon as you choose to close your shop or business, the first thing which you need to keep in mind is about informing your customers that when you will be closing your store. The best and yet the easiest method would be to send them a form of formal letter which is based on all the important details which you should be giving away to the receiver.

It is important enough to even let the customers get a reminder in terms of their outstanding balance. No matter even if you have been considering closing the business, and making it move to some other third party organizations, it would be a professional way to close a business or shop through a letter closing scenario.

Highlight your Main Reason

Your simple and clear business letter should be based upon the specific reasons which are related to the business closing. This will let the customers get an idea of what exactly has happened with your business and what is the main reason to close it down.

But sometimes letting them know about the business or shop closing reason is not important because this is your matter.  If your business has been working as a franchise, and the owner is planning to start his or her own business into the same line, then it is recommended that you should be mentioning it because the owners should keep it into the regular clientele.

This letter can also come about to be the best opportunity for all business owners to thank their customers and give them a warm goodbye. You can even thank them if they have helped you to give your business a prominent range of popularity and high status in marketplaces.

It sometimes not possible enough to send all the letters to all the customers one by one! But if your business has been still finishing the orders or making their payments, then you can deliver a letter of thank you to them.

Main elements of Store Closing Letter

Few of the basic elements that are included in the store closing letter are as mentioned below:

  • Giving your business relationship a professional ending
  • Thanking your customer for best customer support
  • Letting the customers know about the actual closing date

Sample of Store Closing Letter for Customers

Owner’s Name

Owner’s Address

City, State, Zip Code


Customer’s Name

Customer’s Address

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Customer’s Name,

This letter has been written to let you know that our company/store will not be working after (date). We are setting up a final sale for all the customers on which discounted rated services will be provided. We want to thank all our customers who have helped us to give our brand or shop a prominent name and status in the market. As soon as we launch any of our other branches, we will be sharing it with you. Stay tuned with us for more updates!


Owner or Manager’s signature

Name Printed


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