Letter of Disappointment of Code of Conduct

Every company has number of employees and a set code of conduct that they have to follow. But sometimes, an employee who doesn’t value others or the company gets hired and he/she doesn’t obey the rules. Most of the organizations give verbal warnings to the employee when he/she is observed not acting according to the code of conduct but if there is no improvement in the behavior, the company is forced to send a written letter. Giving the warning through the letter is just once required and the company is allowed to take the action against the employee if the issue continues.

There are a number of performance management tools that a manager has to monitor the performance of the employees. A warning letter of the disappointment of the code of conduct is the last thing that is utilized by the human resource manager to keep the company away from the disturbance created by the employee.

It is a fact that one person not following the rules and behaving rudely with other employees disturbs the peace and makes the environment toxic. So, a warning letter is enough to save the company from further issues.

Things not to ignore in the warning letter:

  • The letter should contain clear information about why the action is taken against the employee.
  • It is crucial to mention the code of conduct issue in which the employee was involved. If he/she has said something rude to another employee or there is an issue with the behavior, then it should be clearly stated.
  • There should be no room left for misinterpretation, the verbal warning given before sending the written one should be mentioned.
  • The tone of the letter should not be rude especially when the employer wants the behavior of the employee to be improved. But if the company wants to terminate the employee, the tone of the letter should be humble in that case as well.
  • Don’t forget to allow in-person conversation with the employee because it helps in clearing if there is any misunderstanding and also paves the path of improvement.

Sample letter of disappointment of code of conduct:

Dear (employee name)

This is to inform you that the company is not happy with you for not acting according to the code of conduct. We have observed you behaving inappropriately with the colleagues and using unacceptable language. As we all know, it is not allowed to use obscene language at the workplace, so this is a formal letter of warning. Ignoring this warning will force us to take action against you.

There is also an issue with your timing and the department head is never informed before you take a leave. It is the company’s policy that the employee has to inform the manager if there is an issue and you will not be able to come to the office. This is the last warning and the company will not tolerate this in the future.


(Manager name)

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Letter of Disappointment of Code of Conduct
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