Letter Refusing to Reduce Rent

It is a fact that not every person can afford his/her own home, so they have to pay rent to the homeowner for spending a good life with kids. In the past few years, the price of property has been increased too much due to inflation that it has become difficult for people to pay rent. It is hard to spend a luxurious life nowadays when there are more than 2 kids and the parents have to afford their education and basic needs of life. The rate of everything is increased just like the rents and most of the people shift to the small houses for saving the money. 

Important points to reply to the letter:

  • Never forget to mention the issues you are facing in daily life due to the financial status. It makes the tenant aware of your financial condition and he/she will not request the reduction in the rent again.
  • Don’t use harsh words which shows you have an attitude just because you are an owner of the home.
  • Always communicate in a polite way so, the tenant doesn’t feel bad for the request. It is not wise to be rude to the tenants as they are paying you for what you have provided them. 
  • Ask the client to pay the rent on decided time at the end of the letter and you should not sound rude in any way when replying to the letter. Show the client your hope of getting the rent on time as it sounds humble and it gives a message to the tenant that you are not allowing delayed rent payment.
  • End the letter with a sorry and tell the tenant you will pray for them so; they will be able to pay the decided amount of rent with ease. 

Sample for letter refusing to reduce rent:

Dear (tenant name)

I had received your request for reducing the rent but I can’t do anything about it because everyone is facing the same issues due to inflation. I understand your concern of low income and a family to feed but I can’t help you in this matter. I Just want to make you aware that every person has to deal with worse situations in life and you shouldn’t request when we had signed an agreement.

You know I am not working and I also have a family, I have to fulfill their basic requirements. I am also in a difficult situation because my health and age don’t allow me to work full time. I am already getting low rent and you can compare the rent with other houses available for rent in this area.

I am sorry and I regret that I can’t do a favor for you in this case. You should have seen the merits and demerits before making a deal. I will pray for you so, you can get the issue resolved and get a high paying job.


(Home owner’s name)

Cell phone number or landline

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Letter Refusing to Reduce Rent
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