Workplace Closing Letter to Staff

Closing a workplace is difficult as something more difficult is letting the workers know because the workplace is their earning source. Giving surprise is awesome but when there is something not good as closing a workplace then the surprise is painful for the employer as well as the employee. It is essential for the business owner to give the bad news in a polite way as it is obviously going to make the employees sad. The language used should be soft as most of the employees are loyal and they deserve respect.

Things to keep in mind while giving sad news:

  • This should be kept in mind that employees will ask some questions and the owner should give the answer humbly.
  • Tell the employees the facts and the right reason for closing the workplace. Don’t allow the rumors waste the time and telling them the truth will save precious time.
  • Don’t be rude or harsh with the employees especially when they are working for a lot of years for the company. This will not only break their heart but also makes them unable to work sincerely in any other company.
  • There may be one or more contacts with the clients which required to be completed before the closing of the company. So, the owner should discuss with the assigned employees to assist with the completion of the project. They will also get enough time to search for another job.
  • Be careful while choosing the channel to let the employees know about the closing of the workplace. Arrange a meeting and tell the employees about the closing properly, so they can ask the questions to clear their confusion.
  • Assist the staff in finding the right jobs for them. It is a great step if the business owner has a good relationship with other companies. It will ease the employees and reduce the stress of going unemployed.

Sample of workplace closing letter to staff:

Dear (employee name)

We are sorry to announce that the company is closing down as we don’t have enough projects which will keep the company running in profit. We are going to merge the office with our sister company and we will lay off some of the employees. We can’t take all of you with us and we regret that, but the company will not be able to pay if we don’t take this decision.

The company will be closed on (mention the date) and we will accommodate half of the employees in the new office. We are sad due to the fact we can’t accommodate every employee but we will surely assist them in getting a suitable job.

We are thankful to every person who is a part of this company for giving excellent services throughout the years. The employees will be paid the salary of one month which will help them in looking for a new job easily.

Thank you for your contribution to the company and we wish you the best of luck!


(Manager name)


(Company name)

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