Agreement Letters for Various Situations

So, how many things are there that you can make the agreement for? many? The same is true for agreement letters. Agreement letters can be written for tens of diverse purposes. It depends on what are you dealing with. Is it a business deal, a goods purchase, a leasing process, a sales matter, a scholarship program, or whatever, if it’s an agreement you’ll need an agreement letter.

When there is an agreement on a matter between people or parties, the letters used to record the agreements are called agreement letters.

We always give you guidelines or tips about writing letters along with our samples, but since agreement letters are of such diverse nature that it is not possible to point out features of every single agreement letter, we have therefore tried to tell you the elements that are essential in all agreement letters. Here we go;

  • Because the agreement is among more than one person. The details of involved parties should clearly be mentioned no matter what the agreement is about.
  • If there are terms and conditions involved, either add them to the letter or mention a reference about them.
  • If the letter has a mention of the amount, be cautious to make no mistake in writing
  • Let the agreement be properly signed by the individuals involved.
  • Approve the agreement from an attorney or notary public especially if it’s a large-scale agreement.

Phew! It sounds like a tiring job. Doesn’t it? But the question is why you would spend time designing agreements when someone has already done it for you. We’re here to serve you with our tens of professionally made agreement letter samples. Just choose, download, modify, and make your agreement. Eureka!

Generic Letter Statement

The Text of the letter includes

I have read and signed the agreement form which you sent with your letter and I hereby announce my consent for the agreement which is to begin on [enter date] and will end on [enter date]. I also add that I will try to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement form.

I understand that breaking any clause will have the potential to take me to the court bars for legal action. Please accept this letter from my side as the final letter in order to initiate our agreement about [enter details]. Please find the signature form enclosed within the letter. I have maintained a copy of the form as well as the letter with me.

I hope we’ll have good relations as the agreement member. Thank you!

Agreement letter sample

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The following letters are for various other situations that require an agreement.

For borrowing money

This is a formal agreement letter regarding the money I am borrowing from you in the amount of (mention amount) as a business loan. The mentioned amount is requested to be transferred by the 30th of April. I shall repay the full amount by (date) at an interest rate of 3% as agreed between us.

The legal agreement has been attached to this letter. We both shall have copies of the document for future reference.

I thank you for lending the requested amount to me in my hour of need. I really appreciated your assistance.

For loan

The purpose of this letter is to formalize our agreement regarding the loan I have taken from your company in the amount of (mention amount). I received the money in my account on the 22nd of May. As per our agreement, I shall make the repayment in the form of monthly installments within the next 24 months. Each installment will be in the sum of (mention amount).

A signed copy of our legal agreement has been attached to this letter. I understand and agree to the terms of the loan agreement.

I thank your company for its financial assistance.

For house rent

This is to confirm our agreement for the rental of the property located at (address). I shall be renting the said property for a period of 2 years, from April 2031 to May 2032. I have already paid the security deposit in the amount of (mention amount).

As agreed between us, I shall pay a rent of (amount) by the 10th of each month. In case of delay in payment, I agree to pay a fine in the amount of (mention amount). After the completion of our rental period, I have the right to extend the agreement without an increase in the rent. Alternatively, if I decide to leave your property by the end of the rental period, my security deposit will be refunded within a week.

I have signed and enclosed our legal rent contract. Please dispatch a copy of the same to me by the earliest.

For payment

This letter officially acknowledges our verbal agreement regarding the payment for the items sold to you on 25th September 2032. You will pay a sum of (mention amount) to me in monthly installments of (mention amount). Each installment must be paid by the 5th of each month. The total payment will be made within the coming 12 months.

By signing this letter, you show your acceptance of the terms of our payment agreement as stated above. The agreement serves as a mutual understanding between us and it will ensure that both of us meet the binding obligations.

Please sign the letter and dispatch it to me by the earliest. I will mail a copy to you for future reference.

Let me know if you have any concerns or queries.

For payment of debt

This letter confirms the verbal agreement between us with reference to the payment of the debt you owe me for the borrowed money in the amount of (mention amount).

As agreed between us, you will pay me the complete amount the next year by the 2nd of April. If there is a delay in the repayment of the debt, an interest rate of 1% will apply for the number of delayed days.

Please keep in mind that in case of non-payment by the end of May 2034, I may consider taking legal action in order to recover the due amount. However, I sincerely hope that it will not come to that and we continue to maintain cordial relations throughout the agreement period and in the future.

Kindly take a moment to review the letter and sign the attached agreement form as confirmation that you agree to all the conditions stated in this letter.

Please contact me in case of any queries.

For employment

Congratulations on qualifying for the post of XYZ with our company. We welcome you on board as our new team member. This letter serves as a formal record of your employment agreement.

According to the employment agreement, you will receive a salary in the sum of (amount) along with medical benefits, house allowance, and fuel allowance, all amounting to (exact amount). Please refer to the enclosed legal agreement and company policy for details. However, you will not be eligible for the above-mentioned benefits during your probation period which will last for 6 months.

During your tenure with the company, you will abide by all the company policies and exhibit a professional and ethical approach toward all office matters. In case of non-compliance, the company reserves the right to take disciplinary action.

However, we hope that having you onboard will be a pleasant experience for both of us.

Feel free to contact HR in case of any concerns or ambiguities.

Once again, we welcome you to our team and look forward to your valuable contributions to the growth and progress of our company.

Partial payment agreement letter

I am writing to confirm the partial payment agreement we have discussed regarding the outstanding debt of (amount)

As an agreement between us, you will make a partial payment of (amount) by (date) followed by the remaining balance in 12 equal installments. Each installment will be due on the 20th of every month in the amount of (amount).

Please note, if you fail to pay any of the installments by the due date, the entire remaining balance of the debt will become immediately due and payable. Moreover, failure to comply with the terms of this agreement may result in legal action.

By signing this letter, you will be legally bound to the above-mentioned conditions.

Let me know if there are any ambiguities or queries.