Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Dressing and Conduct

A supervisor writes this kind of warning letter when an employee is not following the proper dress code and his behavior is reflecting bad conduct. The supervisor may experience some major disciplinary conduct when his employee will not be following the specified terms and policies of the organization. Remember that misconduct is an intentional act and any violation which includes behavioral problems are included in it.

Similarly, if an employee continues to violate the rules, then disciplinary action can be taken. This may lead to inquiry sessions, salary deduction, demotion, or in the worst case, termination of one’s job.

Sample Letter:

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[Receiver’s name]
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Subject: Warning Letter on Improper Dress Code and Bad Conduct

Dear [Receiver’s Name],

It has come to the Manager’s attention that you are not following the proper dress code specified in the Conditions and Policy Section of your appointment letter on page# [Mention page number], section# [Mention section number]. In addition, your behavior is reflecting your bad conduct which may cause you serious trouble. A discipline issue like this cannot be catered especially if its occurrence becomes regular over the past few days.

Our company specifies the formal attire selection for every employee, and we maintain discipline in our work environment so your competence can be reflected. Unlike in your case, you failed to achieve the quality and excellence of your work ethic. I am sure you may have received an informal warning from your supervisor about your ill conduct. In addition, you need to keep yourself reminded that violating this company’s decorum will not only affect your presence in this organization, but it may also affect your co-workers.

Consider this as your first warning. If this conduct is repetitive then we may form an inquiry for your salary deduction and proceed further for demotion or suspension. Remember that a warning letter affects your performance profile and supervisors consider it for demotion purposes. So, if a relatively bad image is portrayed in your file, the loss would be great, and no compensation would be attached.

From now onwards, we expect you to work on your professionalism and change your attitude. The management will never refrain from disciplinary action based on your hard work. You will be under observation for the next few days and we hope you will reflect work decency in the coming days. I’ll be expecting an explanation letter for this conduct and a positive response from your side.

We appreciate your consideration. A copy of “Employee Attire Selection” and “Disciplinary Conducts for Employees” is attached to this letter so you can go through the policies for further protocols.


[Your name]

[Your Signature]

Dated: [Letter date]

Warning Letter to Employee for Poor Dressing and Conduct

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