Warning Letter for Negligence of Responsibility

What is a Warning Letter?

A warning letter is a formal letter initiated by the company authorities or usually managers more specifically the HR manager, as a cautionary letter, to inform the employee about their negligence of responsibility or any work-related task or misconduct. The letter also includes the details of the event or misconduct as well as the action (if) being taken against the employee as a result. The purpose of the warning letter is to aware of the employee of the negligence, therefore, it should be kept in mind while forming the letter, that the employee’s respect or sentiments are not hurt and the secrecy of the issues remains intact.

Types of Warning Letters

There are following two types of Warning letter are:

  • First Warning Letter: It is an initial warning, in state of negligence, and clearly mentions the improvements that are being expected from the employee in the future to reprehend his/her errors.
  • Final Warning Letter: It clearly mentions, the prior warning given to the employee due to the negligence and now informs them about the action being taken against them due to the negligence.

What should be Added in a Warning Letter?

The warning letter can be of various types depending upon the kind of negligence and the severity of the issue, but nonetheless it is a formal letter having a proper template.

The template may vary for each organization but there is some necessary information that must be included in a formal warning letter for the negligence of responsibility.

Moreover, it shall be always considered while selecting any template of a warning letter, that it should serve the purpose of warning about the incident and should provide the key details of the event, which provide the room for improvement to the employee.  The necessary information includes:

  • Employee Credentials
  • Date
  • Negligence Information: The letter should clearly mention the responsibility that was assigned and what was the deliverable which the employee failed to deliver. The reason for issuing a warning shall be clearly mentioned briefly.
  • Company Policy: The company shall state clearly as to which clauses of the employee’s job description are being violated, along with substantial proof in the form of documents, etc.
  • Timing of Negligence
  • Improvement Opportunity
  • Action was taken
  • Signature of both Parties

Sample Letter


Subject: Warning Letter due to Negligence of Responsibility

This letter is served to you as a warning due to your continuous negligence of responsibilities related to work. You have been found guilty, of delay in tasks, erroneous work, not following deadlines, and not meeting office and meeting schedules multiple times.

I have tried to aware you of the negligence through verbal warnings at various times, but this is getting intolerable for me now since now your fellow employees and team members are also facing the wrath of it from our clients.

Due to continuous negligence of responsibilities, I am issuing you this first formal warning letter, hoping that you start to work seriously, with minimum errors, and on optimum deadlines so that we can work together in harmony and in the best professional manner. In case of prolonged negligence even after this, I shall be forced to take due action against you.

Looking forward to your progress.  

Yours sincerely,

Supervisor name
Supervisor position

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