Training Notification Letter to Employee(s)

These days, companies understand the importance of training their employees to keep their skills and knowledge level updated. Training of the employee is a crucial task that every company must take part in. Some companies organize a training session and then announce to let all the workers of the company know that the company is about to embark upon a session of teaching and employees are being informed and requested to be a part of it.

The notification letter is slightly different from a traditional letter because it is a kind of announcement letter in which something vital is shared. People who are issued the notification are asked to read it carefully since it contains very important information.

What is a training notification letter to the employee?

It is a kind of business announcement letter in which the manager or employer lets the employee know that he is required to attend the training course to enhance his skill level and expertise. When an employee receives this letter, he comes to know that he should be ready for the training program.

Importance of training letter:

This letter is a clear indication for an employee that the company has decided to train him. This letter can be written to an individual employee or the entire staff depending on the training program. The company keeps this letter as proof that the employee was asked to get trained and then his attendance can be monitored.

When to write the letter to announce the training session:

When a company introduces new technology and it wants everyone working in the company to be trained enough to get the best out of it, it can let everyone know about the training session. The company can decide to write this letter to a person or a group of employees depending on their expertise level and the time they have spent working in that company. Some employees botch their jobs because of a lack of skill which suggests they need training. Then the company writes them a letter regarding the training session they must attend.

How to write a coaching notification letter?

The format of the notification letter is generally a bit different from a traditional letter. Just mention the date, and name of the recipient and start giving details regarding the coaching session. Follow the tips given below:

Make announcement:

As soon as you begin writing the body of the letter, you must announce the teaching program the company has arranged. If there is an association with a third party regarding instructing the staff of the company, mention the name of that party and also give its brief introduction. You should show excitement while announcing the commencement of the training program so that the reader can get positive vibes from you.

Discuss who can attend:

Sometimes, you write a notification letter for everyone in the company without exempting anyone. However, you specify in the letter that you are eligible to take part in this coaching session. For instance, some organizations organize the program for their newly hired employees or some for permanent employees, who can attend should be elaborated on in the letter.

Discuss the objectives of the teaching:

Every session has some objectives. People who are asked to attend the teaching program generally want to know as to is the purpose behind this program and what they are going to achieve at the end of the program. So, the objectives of the session should be enlisted in the letter.

Mention duration and timing:

Mention how long the training session will be and for how many days, it will be carried out. Also, mention the timings of the sessions as well as the mode of instruction.

Motivate employees to attend:

 It might not be pleasant news to hear that they have to take part in a coaching session. However, employers often motivate their workers so that they feel happy about being trained. Tell them how this session will add value to their career. If the company has decided to give incentives to those who attend the program, must mention them in the letter. This will also result in encouraging the employees.

Sample Letter

Recipient Name
Recipient Address

Dear [NAME/staff],

I am pleased to let you know that (name of company) has arranged a wonderful training session for our full-time employees. The training aims to improve the skills of our staff. The sessions will start from (date) till (date)

The training will occur at (place of training). The timings will be (state the timings).

We will truly appreciate your participation. We believe that everyone plays a role in advancing the company and so it is important to improve our skills. We have analyzed what areas need improvement.

The training will focus on (state here).

We hope that you take the training sessions seriously.


(Your Name)

Training notification letter to employee(s)

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