Thanksgiving Closure Emails

Thanksgiving closure emails are prepared by organizations that are automatically sent during the holidays as replies to the emails sent by customers, suppliers, or other people. The staff is not available to reply to the emails and people might get a bad impression of the organization if their emails remain unanswered. As these closure emails provide the reason why the customer emails are not being answered properly, the customers get satisfied and would know when an answer can be expected. 

Thanksgiving, an occasion based on the 1621 harvest feast, is celebrated in November, especially in the US and Canada. Through this, people show their gratitude for the blessings of the previous year, including the harvest. A national holiday is observed on the fourth Thursday of November.

As the businesses and organizations are closed on Thanksgiving, they need to have automatically generated emails to inform the people and customers, who are approaching them in the holiday time. In addition, the number of off days for a business might differ, some businesses might take the whole week off, while others might start the holidays on Wednesday or Thursday and extend them for three or four days.

The customers might not be aware of the duration of holidays and might get perplexed in case of not receive replies to their emails. It might also affect their relationship with the business.

To avoid this, businesses design an auto-generated email that gets sent as a reply to the emails being received during the holiday time. The emails might be very short or may have certain details. The usual details included are:

  • Inform it is holiday time.
  • Inform that the business activities would resume after the holidays, including the shipments, deliveries, etc.
  • State when the emails will be answered.
  • State the duration of the holidays.
  • Thanksgiving greetings (Sometimes, an image/thanksgiving card is used for this greeting as well).

When an email sender receives the Thanksgiving closure email, he will be relaxed and can wait for the holidays to end. The confusion of the people sending out the emails can be sorted out through these Thanksgiving closure emails.

For instance, if a customer has paid the money and is waiting for his goods to be delivered and emails the company, if he does not get a reply, he might not make a purchase again, but if he gets a closure email, he would know why his goods have been delayed and when can he expect them.

Therefore, these Thanksgiving emails are important for the maintenance of business relationships and loyalty as well as for the further development of the relationships and customer base.

Sample Email -1

Dear customer,

Thank you for your email. We are on Thanksgiving holidays for a week from 18th – 24th November 20XX. We will resume our business activities on 25th November 20XX, i.e. Monday. The working hours would be the same (9:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.).

We will reply to your email once we are back. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Happy Thanksgiving!


XYZ limited.

Sample Email -2

Thank you for approaching us! We are currently closed due to the Thanksgiving holidays from 21st to 24th November 20XX.

Our store will reopen on Monday, i.e. 25th November 20XX. All the business operations and activities will resume then, including all the deliveries. We apologize for any delays due to the holiday season. We will get back to you after the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Sample Email -3

Hi, I am not available from 18th – 24th November 20XX. I am currently out of the country for the Thanksgiving holidays. I do not have proper internet access, which is why I will respond to your emails once I am back on 25th November 20XX.

I regret any inconvenience to you.

Have a wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sample Email -4

Thank you for your email. Our store is closed till 24th November 20XX. After we open our business operations, we will answer all your queries on 25th November 20XX. You can also visit us anytime after that. The hours are the same from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.

Thanks for waiting! Happy holidays! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a blessed one!

Thanksgiving Closure Email

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