Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance

An apology letter to the boss for poor performance is a letter written by an employee who has not shown good performance over some time. This document is addressed to the employer or boss, in which the employee apologizes for his bad progress and for affecting the company’s productivity and profitability.

An organization expects its employees to show results, as the employee’s performance directly affects its profits. However, if an employee has a valid reason behind the poor performance, the organization may give him some slack. Nevertheless, the reason and explanation need to be communicated to the employer by the employee properly. One of the best ways for formal communication, which an employee can choose, is to write and send an apology letter.

If the employee’s poor performance has been experienced by the organization only for the short term, the chances of acceptance of his apology are high. However, if the scenario has influenced the organization to a great extent, the employer might not give much importance to his apology letter. The severity of the situation affects the information that needs to be included in an apology letter.

For instance, if the employee has shown good results in the past but his current performance is not good, he can give a reference to his past performance to make his apology valid.

Generally, the following details are included in an apology letter to the boss for poor performance:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the employee.
  • The issue of poor performance and its effects
  • The reason behind the poor performance
  • Apology.
  • Seek forgiveness.
  • Reference to good past performances, if applicable.
  • Guarantee improvement.
  • Salutations.

The task does not end when the employee sends the letter. Rather, the employee has to show good performance and what he has committed in the apology letter.

Sample Letters


I am writing to sincerely apologize for not meeting your expectations for the XYZ project. I take full responsibility for the poor performance of my entire team since I was the project leader. I genuinely regret the inconvenience caused to the company.

This has been a really important learning experience for me. I have identified the areas that require more effort. In addition, I have also realized the shortcomings that led to the poor outcome of the project. I assure you, that I will strive hard to bring a noticeable improvement to all future projects. I request you to give me another opportunity to prove my commitment.

I would appreciate your further guidance. Please do enlighten me with your suggestions to increase the chances of our success in future. Your feedback and supervision are really valuable to me.

Once again, sorry for falling short of the company’s expectations. I assure you I will perform better in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you for providing me with your feedback regarding my performance for the previous 2 months. I apologize for not being able to fulfill your expectations. However, I have noted your remarks and will work hard towards improvement.

Please rest assured that I will continue to sharpen my skills through the company’s training sessions. I am also willing to work extra hours to complete my everyday tasks more carefully.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for giving me another chance. I’m grateful for your kindness.


Dear Mr. Jim,

I am writing this letter to apologize for my poor performance over the last few months.

I was on maternity leave until the end of December 20XX. When I returned in January, many new projects had been acquired, and the team was dealing with various clients. It took me some time to get back in line with everything. Alongside this, I was managing my baby and his babysitter arrangements. Due to this stress in my personal and professional life, I couldn’t manage both, and consequently, my performance at work suffered, affecting my team and the company. I know I should have been able to manage both, which is why I want to apologize to you.

I have been working with this organization for five years and have always been a hardworking and dedicated employee. You can even review my past employee evaluations. I will try to bring those evaluations back. I ensure that you will see my improved performance over the coming months.

I appreciate your understanding. I hope you accept my apology.


Emily William.

Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance

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