Termination Letter for Unsuccessful Probation after Performance Review

Many companies have a probationary period prior to hiring someone as a permanent employee. During this period, companies monitor the performance of the employee, and then on the basis of the review, they decide whether to dismiss the employee or hire him. This strategy is useful because it enables a company to decide whether a person it is going to hire has the potential to meet the goals of the company

On the basis of performance reviews done during the probation period, lots of decisions are made. If this period is unsuccessful, the employee is informed that the company no longer wants him to work for it.

What is a letter of dismissal for the probationary period?

It is a type of an information letter in which, the reader is informed that he is being dismissed from the position he has worked during his probation period. An employee knows about his status of employment and therefore if he comes to know that he is being dismissed, it does not surprise him.

However, the company should mention it clearly that it has a right to dismiss a worker who does not meet the performance standards of the company.

How to draft?

It might be a challenge to write the letter of termination of the probation period because you don’t want to hurt the sentiments and discourage the employee. However, when it is important, you can do it politely. Follow the tips given below:

Inform the worker about the dismissal:

As soon as you start the letter, inform the worker about the forceful ending of the probation period and also mention the date from which the employee will no longer be serving the company on probation.

Give reason:

The employee mostly wants to know the reason lying behind this decision and therefore, you should confidently state the reason. Let him know that he is being dismissed because his performance has been reviewed by the experts and it has been seen that he does not work according to the required standards of the company.

In order to be more concise and pertinent, state what are the issues with the performance of the employee. All the areas of weakness should be pointed out. If you have made an evaluation report of the employee, do mention it in the letter.

Draft a list of expectations:

There must be lots of things you were expecting from the reader, make a list of expectations from the employee. When you enlist your expectations, the employee can do a self-assessment and then your dismissal letter will make sense to him also.

Mention salary details:

Inform the employee that he/she will receive the salary of the probation period at a specific date and also discuss the experience letter you are intended to issue.

Wish him good luck:

Send best wishes to the employee at the end and show regret on having to make this tough decision of terminating his job in the company.

Sample letter:

Subject: Termination letter for a probationary period for [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

This letter should be taken as a formal notice from ABC Company to you to inform you that your probation period with the company is being terminated effective on 17th April 20XX.

Your performance has been reviewed by us for a month and we have seen that you lack enthusiasm and zest for performing your job responsibilities. You don’t fulfill any of your responsibilities perfectly and we have to revise every task submitted by you before we can process it further

According to the contract you signed with the company, it lies within the rights of the organization to terminate your probation period at any time during the probation period.

You are being requested to return the laptop and other belongings of the company that you have been using for official work. You will get your paycheck by the 1st of next month.

You can talk to us if you need to discuss anything important. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

Thank you so much for your time and for serving the company.

Termination Letter for Unsuccessful Probation after Performance Review

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