Successful Project Completion Email to Vendor

A vendor is a person who takes up the responsibility to deliver the products and goods to our company. When we are working on a project, we often need continuous support and cooperation from the vendor. If we run out of the budget, we can request for sending products to us on credit. In addition, the vendor also sends products on an urgent basis depending on the situation. So, there is a big role to be played by the vendor when a company works on a project.

What is a successful project completion email to the vendor?

It is a professional email that you write to the vendor to inform him that the project for which you were purchasing products and services from him has been completed successfully. The main objective of this email is to say thanks to the service provider for all the services he has chosen to provide.

Why did you write the project completion email to the vendor?

The vendor is a professional service provider who has a direct relationship with the completion of the project. Therefore, when you complete the project successfully, you should take some time to say thanks to him.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should write this email to the vendor:

The vendor takes steps for clearance of payment:

Some individuals or companies sign a contract with the vendor according to which, vendors are supposed to sell their products on credit and then when a project is completed, the vendor is informed so that he can start the process of clearance.

The vendor knows about the closing:

There are many such situations when the vendor is manufacturing products for a company because of the ongoing work on a project. So, when a project is finished and a company no longer needs the products from the seller, it should write an email to the vendor to let him know that he is not needed to supply more goods.

When a company wants to show gratitude:

When you have realized that the seller has supported you a lot and has played a major role in completing a project, you will write this email to say thanks to the seller. This email is the best platform to show gratitude to the people who have helped you because when you show gratitude and appreciate them it is a message to them that you value them. Because of this, they are likely to be willing to work for you and sell their products to you in the future also.

In other words, you can expand your business by sending a thank you email to the vendor because this way, you will expand your network and better opportunities will be up for grabs for your business.

Read the sample letter given below to better understand how you can write a draft of a thank you email to the seller.

Sample email:


Subject: Successful project [XYZ] completion

I am Miss Lisa, writing this email on behalf of ABC Company to let you know that our company has completed the (mention the name of the project). I am writing to say thanks to you for providing your best services throughout the time when the project was being taken from the first stage to the final phase.

Thank you so much for demonstrating professional behavior and commitment by providing high-quality services to our company. All the tasks of the project were successfully executed because of the timely delivery of goods from your side. I cordially appreciate your presentation, efficiency, and the gracious services that you demonstrated. You have been very supportive of us and we appreciate you for this.

Please accept our gratitude for all the things you have done for helping us in the completion of the project. We are so thankful for the way you treat your customers and we would like to work with you in the future also in addition to recommending others to render your services.

You are being requested to share the total bill that we have to pay to you as per the agreement of our company with you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our official numbers.


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Successful Project Completion Email to Vendor

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