Project Delivery Email to Client

When a project is completed by taking it from the starting to the ending phase of the project, it is the responsibility of the project team to deliver it to the client who has invested his money and resources into it. How a company delivers its project after completion stays with the client forever. People judge the credibility of the company with this. Therefore, everyone should try to practice the right and the most appropriate way to deliver the project.

What is a project delivery email to the client?

Before a project is delivered to the client, the project manager writes an email to the client to let him know that the project has been completed and the company is about to deliver it to them. The purpose of this email is to mentally prepare the client for receiving the project.

Why writing an email about the delivery of a project is important?

The project is a series of activities that you have been performing for many weeks or months just to achieve a single common goal. So, when you finish working on it, you cannot just deliver it to the client and then wait for him to review it. You should write an email to the client to inform them that you have finished working on a project and now you are about to send it to the client. So, when the client shows readiness to receive the project, it indicates that he will review the project as soon as it is delivered to him.

What are the benefits of writing an email to inform the client about the project delivery?

Your email to the client can have many benefits. A few of them are discussed below:

You show professionalism by sending this email:

People who know how to demonstrate professionalism always follow those practices that are right and convenient for them as well as for their clients. Unprofessional people don’t consider anyone before taking any decision and they don’t bother sharing the status of the project with anyone. Professional people keep sharing the status of the project when the work is being done on it and also share the status when the project is completed and ready for delivery.

It prepares the client:

Sometimes, you get late in the delivery of the project. Your client starts feeling annoyed and he decides to look for someone else who can complete the project from the last update you sent to them. When you inform them that the project is complete and on its way, you tell them to show a little patience and be ready for reviewing the project.

It shows your dedication to your work:

Many project teams don’t bother to inform the client about the delivery and they simply deliver the project. However, when you choose to write an email and inform the client that you are going to deliver the accomplished milestone, you show that you have great dedication for the work that you do and therefore, you are excited to share the update on the delivery of the project.

Sample email:

Subject: Project [XYZ] delivery completed on [X}

Respected Mr. ABC,

I am so excited to share the happy news of the successful completion of the project with you. The project has been completed and reviewed by my project team on 15th Feb 20XX. We have planned to deliver it to you by the end of February.

Completing a project on time is the biggest milestone that we are so happy to achieve. We have completed this project in time. We have shared the status of the project with you many times. However, the last updated part of the project was not shared with you since we are about to deliver the entire project to you very soon.

You are requested to review the project when you receive it and give your feedback on it. We are open to modifying the project as per your needs. Furthermore, we request you clear the pending dues before 20 February.

If you have any queries, you can contact us on our official numbers. We look forward to a response from you.


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Project delivery email to client

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