End-of-term Audit Announcement Letter

Auditing is a process of checking the financial statements of the business at the end of the term. This process makes it clear how honestly people in an organization had been working. Some businesses perform the auditing at the end of the financial year while some divide their one year into two terms and then conduct auditing at the end of each term. 

There is a person who is given the responsibility to check the financial documents and then verify whether they are aligned with the supporting documents provided to the auditor or not. 

The process of auditing also makes it clear whether an organization is making progress according to the set and defined goals or not. So, auditing is an important process. When you perform the auditing, you make people working in your company aware of it. For this purpose, you write an announcement letter. 

What is the end-of-term audit announcement letter?

Just like any announcement letter, the end-of-term announcement letter lets everyone working in the company know about the auditing process that is about to take place. An employer can’t let everyone know about the auditing individually. So, an announcement letter is written which is shared with every staff member of the company. 

How to write an end-of-the-term audit announcement letter?

It is important to know how one can write an announcement letter because it shares some very crucial details with the staff of the company. Here are a few tips to follow for writing a perfect announcement letter:

Write to the relevant people only:

Not everyone in the company needs to know about the auditing process that is going to take place. There are a few people in a business that are impacted when an auditing team comes and checks the documents. You should know who is going to be impacted and then share this information only with them. 

Write this letter at the right time:

Your letter of announcement should neither be too late nor too early. People should get sufficient time to prepare their documents but telling them too early can give them some time to forge their documents to hide the discrepancies. You need to be wise enough to write this letter at the right time. 

Discuss the importance of auditing:

Before you make an announcement, let everyone know about the importance of auditing. Let people know that the term is going to end and therefore, you want to close the term with the checking of documents to see how rapidly or slowly a company is making its progress. 

Discuss important dates:

Mention the date on which the term is about to end and then discuss on which date the auditing team will come for auditing. Mention the time and other specifics that you think should be shared. 

Give special instructions:

In most cases, announcement letters are written because you want people to act in a certain way. Give out instructions to the employees as to what they are supposed to bring on that day. Give a list of all the documents that you the auditing team will need for checking and verification and then ask everyone to come with those documents. 

Follow the template:

It is very convenient for people to send an announcement letter to multiple people at a time when they get their hands on an officially usable template. The template lets the user get access to the readymade letter of the announcement that specifies a particular way in which the letter can be written.

Those who follow the template don’t need to care about the format or spelling. However, you will still need to tailor the letter to your needs and for this, you should be able to proofread the letter in an efficacious way. 

After editing, print the edited letter on your company’s letterhead so that your letter of announcement looks like an official letter because it will make it easy for people to believe the information being shared in the letter.


Audit Notification Letter to Employees

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Audit Notification Letter to Employees

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Audit notification notice to employees

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