Audit Notification Notice to Employee

Employers often have to write notification emails to their employees when they want to share something really important and want it to reach them quickly. Emails are the fastest mode of communication and employees receive this notification in the blink of an eye. This notification email makes them learn that the employer is going to conduct the audit. Since the employees of the company are being notified, it means that the nature of the audit will be internal. 

What is the purpose of the audit notification email?

Notifications of any sort are usually sent to people to inform them to take certain actions. The purpose of this particular email is to prepare people for an audit that is going to be conducted. The audits are conducted to determine if there are any discrepancies in the financial documents being shared with the company by the employees.

Writing a great email

Whenever you start writing the email, you always want to make sure that you have conveyed the message in the way it should have been conveyed. You also want to ensure that the reader has understood the message clearly. For this purpose, you can create a checklist with the following tips to ensure that you have followed all of them:

Inform the employee about the audit:

Mention the date on which you will perform the internal audit after informing him about your decision to conduct the audit. Also, mention the duration to let him know how long you think that audit will take. 

Explain the purpose:

Explain to the employee why you have decided to perform the audit. Clearly specify your objectives for this decision and describe what you want to achieve out of it. 

Describe the process:

Auditing is not a simple process but a very complex one. You are required to deal with a lot of confusion when you start this long and complicated process. Therefore, you might want to divide it into various sub-processes that you will not carry out simultaneously as it will make the situation more complex.

So, if you have divided the process into small chunks and you want to perform these chunks on various days, you can mention the entire timeline to the employee. This will enable the employee to prepare himself and adapt his timetable to the timeline you have shared so that he can entertain you whenever you come for the audit. 

Explain the process after the completion of the audit:

Employees should know what is going to happen once the audit has been completed. Some employers give different instructions to their workers so that they can easily complete the auditing process. In some cases, responsible people are asked to attend a meeting in which the results are shared. Whatever process is carried out in your company should be stated to let the employee know what he is supposed to do at the end. 

Ask for support:

You should formally ask the employee to support you in the entire process of auditing so that you can do it properly without any setbacks. If you want the employee to be available after working hours, you can tell him beforehand as this is what the notification email is written for.

Important points to remember:

When you are writing this letter, make sure that you remember the points given below:

  1. Keep your tone professional because you are notifying your employee about the audit. Notifications generally have a specific type of tone that should be used in the email.
  2. Keep the choice of words appropriate. For instance, if you have been informed that one of your employees has been involved in fraud, you don’t need to mention it in the email. Do it silently and make sure that you don’t mention the name of any person you have doubts about.
  3. Make sure that the email is short and precise. Once the reader has been informed about the audit, its purpose, date of conduction, you should close the email without any further delays. Also, make sure that the email is not too long or non-professional.

Sample Notice -1

All employees at ABC are notified that our annual internal audit has been scheduled for the second week of December 202X. All the departments will be inspected for their quality of work and contribution towards the organization’s goals.

Please find attached the detailed schedule for the audit. All departments are requested to present their respective records to the auditors according to the provided schedule. Make sure all the official paperwork is complete.

You are requested to cooperate with the audit team that will be arriving from the company’s head office in Karachi.

Please contact MR XYZ from the HR Department for any concerns.


This is to notify you that the company’s internal audit has been scheduled to be carried out on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of August 20XX. The auditing team will comprise our Senior Executive along with the Managing Director and their immediate subordinates. You are all requested to be well-prepared for this audit.

The main purpose of this inspection is to assess the overall standard of work being performed by our employees. At the same time, issues that are hindering the growth of the organization will be identified.

All departments are requested to cooperate and present an honest performance report before the auditing team. You may contact XYZ for any questions before the mentioned dates.

Audit notification notice to employees

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