Generic Project Introduction Letter

A project is a collaborative work of one or multiple people that turns into something useful. A project can be small or too big. You might work on a project for yourself or someone else. Whenever you are associated with a project, you will write an introduction letter.  

An introduction letter of a project briefly introduces the project. If you want to sell your project or if you have an idea of a project and you want the other person to know about it, you cannot give him the entire project file to read and understand. Therefore, writing an introduction letter is required. 

People don’t have time to check your project work. So, they want to get a brief introduction so that they can determine if it is worth their time to get into the depth of your work. For this purpose, it is convenient for them to read the introduction. 

For writing an effective introduction letter, you need to be careful about the components of the letter because if your letter does not outline what it is supposed to, it will not be able to convey the right type of information. This way, the letter will not be able to serve the purpose. Here are the basic elements:

Purpose of the letter:

As soon as you start the letter, you should tell the reader why you have written this letter. Mention the name of the project in which you are writing the introduction letter. This part of the letter should convince the reader to read the letter. 

Give the background:

The introduction should be started by giving a little background in the letter. The background should be able to tell the reader what compelled you to start this project, under what circumstances you worked on it, and what was your motive. The background should be mentioned in a summarized way. 

Write the motivation:

In this part of the letter, you will explain precisely what the motivation behind initiating this project was. Your motivation will be able to make the reader understand the value of the entire project as what motivated you can motivate several other people and help them in numerous ways. 

Mention the scope:

The scope of the project is important to be discussed in the letter because it tells where the project can work and to what extent. People who have a defined scope in their minds will immediately decide whether they should consider the project or not. 

Mention the activities to be performed:

Here, you will mention all the activities that will be performed to take the project to completion. If you have already completed the project, this letter will tell you what activities you have performed. Reading this section will help the reader understand how much work you have done and how passionately you work on several things. 

Funding details:

Now, when you have mentioned the activities you are deciding to carry out, you are in a better position to make it clear to the reader how much funds you will need to take the project from initialization to completion. If you had not mentioned the list of activities in the project, it would have been very difficult for the recipient to figure out why you have estimated the estimated cost of completing the project. Therefore, the sequence is important. 


Some people want the project to be completed in a specific time period. Therefore, they want to see the timeline you have created. Share the timeline which will tell how much time a project will take exactly. Make it clear how the project will take its course in the given time frame. 

The details given above are the key details to be mentioned in a project introduction letter. It is important to remember that your introduction letter should not exceed one page. Therefore, try to keep the letter short and brief. All the details given in the introduction letter should be given precisely and there should not be long descriptions of paragraphs in the letter. 

Project Introduction Letter

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