Compliance Letter for Tender Submission

A tender is a process in which a company calls for proposals. Proposals mean tenders that are required to be submitted by those who are interested in a particular project. In a tender process, a company asks for the bid submission, the selection process of bidders, and then the formation of the agreement. Bidders who want to take part in the tender submission have to show compliance with the entire tender process to be accepted. 

It is a formal letter that is written by a company asking for bidders to make a bid. It also asks them to show compliance with the tender submission because the bid is not easy to understand when it is not in accordance with the tender request.

A compliance letter generally tells how a tender should be submitted, what the best practices are, what the policies of the targeted project are, and what should be avoided to show compliance.

Is it important to write a compliance letter?

Sometimes, the submitted tender does not show compliance, and therefore, it is not aligned with the targeted project. When a company advertises a project and asks for bids, it generally mentions all the instructions following, which means that the bidder has shown compliance.

However, some people don’t read these instructions carefully, and due to this; their bid is not aligned with the given instructions. Then, they write the compliance letter. Some companies also write compliance letters in advance so that they don’t have to tell people individually to follow the guidelines. 

How do I write a letter of compliance?

The letter of compliance should also be drafted carefully because you need to convey the message to the bidders in the right way. Therefore, knowing how to write this letter is essential. You can follow the steps given below for writing an effective letter:

Get information about the format:

Every letter, especially those written in a formal setting, has a specific format to follow. If you don’t know the format, you will not be able to outline the necessary details in a sequence. This will eventually make your letter a little vague. Therefore, try to follow the tips and instructions about the format of the letter. 

Refer to the tender:

Every tender has a unique number that identifies it. Some bidders submit multiple bids for multiple projects for a company. Therefore, you should mention the details of the tender you are referring to so that the reader can understand which bid document they have to target. 

Give the compliance instructions:

Let the reader know about all the ins and outs of the projects for which he is writing the bid. Give him instructions regarding compliance. If there are more than one instruction, write them one by one with the use of bullets. Make sure that your tone is professional and that you can effectively outline everything. 

Give the reason for this letter:

It is very important to tell the recipient of the letter why you chose to write this letter to him. Let him know that the bid submitted by him initially did not meet the standards of the bids received by the company. You can specify where you saw the problem and how it could affect the entire bid process of the bidder. 

End the letter appropriately:

At the end of the letter, thank the reader for showing interest in the company’s project and writing the bid. Also, request that the reader read the letter carefully and then resubmit the proposal with the required level of compliance. In the end, also provide your contact details so that the reader can reach you in case he has any problem related to submitting the bid with the needed compliance. 

Use the template:

For people who find it hard to write a compliance letter, there are many pre-written letters available on various internet sources. A letter may not be exactly in accordance with your scenario. So, you will need to edit it. Since it is available in MS Word format mostly, it is very easy for you to edit it. 

Template Letter

Re. Compliance Letter for the Submission of Tender No. [abc-123-x]

Dear Manager,

The letter has been written on behalf of [name the company] by referring to tender no. [abc-123-x] released on [date] through [mention the medium; newspaper, website, or invitation]. The tenders were advertised for the installation of air conditioning in the offices and chillers in the corridors and halls. These installations included electrical expenses, units’ expenses, and the gaseous content’s cost. We have thoroughly looked into the contract points, statements of compliance, and conditions included.

The letter serves as a compliance letter to the conditions mentioned in the tender contract. Our team has thoroughly studied and analyzed the possible ways to alleviate the financial burden of the units by looking at the map of your location with high precision.

This meticulous analysis of the location, cost, and effective installation has made it possible to bring the number of machines, units, and manpower to the cost of the project. After looking into this carefully, we have signed the contract with the higher authorities with possible outcomes and profits generated.

The authorities are also satisfied with the calculated calculation and potential benefits of the company. Therefore, we hereby state that our team and the company clarify that we shall comply with all the conditions mentioned in the tender and contract. There are minor loopholes in the design of tenders that seem to be typographical and technical error. We will send a team of delegates for further negotiations and compliments on the project.

We are looking forward to the letter of request for a quotation from your company. Please negotiate with our finance manager about the seemingly erroneous statements. After successful negotiations, our team will start working on the quotation. We are looking forward to meeting with the team leader (TL) or project director (PD) of the project to move further. Please schedule an appointment with them at their earliest convenience. Thank you.

Compliance letter for tender submission

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