Project Introduction Letter

An employee, or a team of employees, writes a project introduction letter to the company to introduce the nature and significance of the project initiated by the company.

To acquaint the employer with the project’s essence alongside all the involving attributes and features, the employee should identify the aims and goals hoped for at the end of it. Summarizing the background can add to the value of your project. One can also mention the inspirations and motivations of choosing this project to establish trust and its significance.

Typically, a project introduction letter includes the project’s scope with valid arguments on what it holds for the company. Key elements of the project can be briefly explained. The employee should also add the activities that are to be carried out in the development of the project. All the technicalities and methodologies should be elaborated and specified.

The introduction of research partners and additional helpers must also be introduced in the letter, so the company is aware of the sources spent on the project. Adding the analogy of a similar case can help the employer/board better grasp why it is crucial for the business’s dynamic growth.

A sample map indicating the methodologies and approaches in the delivery of the project may give the board confidence on your expertise to carry the task with proficiency. You may also make an offer to your employer to track the plan to keep an eye on the implementations.

Feel free to access the following sample of the project introduction letter. You can change the information according to your needs.

Sample Letter

Dear Mike, (Name of the employer)

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter that my team and I are writing to you to introduce our project. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to speak to you over this matter.

The project (name of the project) is inspired by the multifold events we face while dealing with our clients. This (the element that motivated you) inspired us to meditate over how we can grow the company’s business and take it to another height of success. Henceforth, we came up with the idea of this project.

By participating in this project, we hope to gain additional information and an in-depth understanding of how we can hunt for big clients that currently our company is in dire need of. We will also have a chance to grow through this adventure. (You may mention the key elements of your project here).

My team is all set to execute this complex project with our skills and the company’s resources by meeting the checkpoints after completing each milestone before moving to the next phase.

The time scale for this project is 1-month (the estimated time to finish the project), and the required budget is (the estimated amount). We are keen to deliver promising output with the company’s granted resources.

Should you have any query, please feel free to write us back.



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