Payment Reminder Letter before Due Date

The biggest insecurity we all have to contend within the professional world arises when we have to get the money back from someone. Due to this, we often like to write a payment reminder letter that reminds the recipient of making the payment that he is supposed to pay before a particular date. 

When someone has to receive the outstanding payment from someone they deal with in their professional life, they send a letter to that person. This is a formal letter that is deemed friendly since it is sent before the due date to remind the recipient. 

What is the purpose of the advance reminder for payment?

The main objective of why people choose to write the reminder letter is to make it easy for the recipient to make the payment. Some people are so busy with work that they forget about making payments. Some remember the outstanding amount they need to pay back but forget the deadline. This gentle reminder is helpful for them since with this, they can easily recall what they owe and by which date they are supposed to be making the payment. 

What are the benefits of writing the reminder?

It helps the debtor:

It has been said earlier that people often forget to pay the money back because of many reasons. The friendly reminder from the creditor is a type of support from the creditor for the debtor that shows that the debtor understands there might be many reasons for not paying the outstanding money and people should be given some space in this matter. 

It helps the person get money:

People who are insecure about their money write a reminder letter which gives them peace of mind as they can be sure that they have jogged the memory of the debtor and asked him to clear the payment.  

It strengthens the relationship between two parties:

The gentle and friendly reminders keep things under control and it is proof that the lender does not have any problem with the borrower; he is reminding him of the payment just as a friendly and courteous gesture. People who can write these letters effectively generally succeed in conveying their message without offending the debtor. 

 Things to remember while writing the reminder:

The main things to remember when you are writing this letter are:

Remain gentle:

It is your responsibility to remain respectful and gentle towards the reader. Just remind the reader about the outstanding money without assuming any intentional delay from the other side. Even if you have realized that the lender had been too late or irregular in terms of making payments, don’t mention it. Only talk about the payment that is currently due.

Mention the amount which is due:

The reminder becomes more appropriate when you mention the amount to be paid and the invoice against which, the payment is required to be made. Remember that you mention everything just to jog the memory of the reader.

Keep it short:

This is a type of letter that you should write when you are in a formal setting. So, there is no need to mention unnecessary details. Always write what you think is important and make sure that the letter does not go beyond a certain length. It would be more appropriate if you write the letter of one-page length only.

Always write in a professional setting only:

If there is a friend of yours or a relative who you want to remind to pay, you don’t need to write this letter. It is suitable only when you have to write to your customers and clients.

Read the sample below and see how people can be reminded without sounding offended.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient,

Subject: A gentle reminder for payment

Respected Mr. ABC,

I hope that you are doing well. This letter is being written to you just to inform you that your payment against invoice number 1254 is due on 15th Feb 20XX. If you have anything to ask regarding this payment, please feel free to ask.


Name of the sender.

Payment Reminder Letter before Due Date

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