30-Day Friendly Eviction Notice to Landlord

There are many such situations when tenants have to write a notice to their landlord. Even if you love the house you are currently living in, you have to vacate it if it is in someone else’s ownership. Although most situations demand the landlord to write a notice to the tenant, the tenant can also write this notice when he wants to be courteous. 

What is a friendly 30-day notice to the landlord?

It is a notification that a tenant sends to a landlord thirty days before he wants to vacate the apartment. This notification is a courteous way for a tenant who chooses to inform the landlord about his decision to vacate the apartment of the landlord. 

Whether you move into the property or move out, it is extremely important for you to make complete documentation so that you don’t put yourself in trouble. 

Significance of advance notice from the tenant:

Giving advance notice to others in professional life is very important. This is the reason; some people also make it compulsory for their partners or clients to issue an advance notice before they take a specific step.

The advance notice of 30 days gives sufficient time to the landlord to find another party that is ready to rent the house. So, if renting the building is the only source of income for the landlord, he will not face a financial crisis after the tenant has left the property. 

The notification maintains a positive and healthy relationship between the landlord and tenant. It also shows that the tenant cares about his credibility and his relationship in his professional life. In some cases, the tenant has to write the notice so that he can prevent legal actions taken against him by the landlord for not writing an advance notice.

Is it mandatory to write a notice 30 days prior to leaving?

These days, it is normal to write a notice and in many cases, mandatory. However, the time period may vary. Some landlords want you to inform them two weeks before, while some want you to write the notice one month before. Whatever is agreed upon is settled and written in the agreement. Make sure that you are clear about when to write this notice.

You can also have a meeting with the landlord and discuss everything in detail. After that, you should also issue a notice that will be helpful for recordkeeping and you will be able to protect yourself legally in case of any problem. 

How to write a 30-day friendly notice?

Writing a friendly notice means you are being courteous and you try to show that you don’t have any issue with the landlord. This way, you can vacate the property of the landlord on a friendly note and you can also come back if you feel the need to. Here are a few tips for writing a friendly notice:

Start by informing the landlord:

As soon as you start the notice, let the landlord know that they have decided to move out. This detail should be very clear. Mention the date on which you moved into the apartment and then mention the date on which you will vacate the apartment. 

Although the date will make it clear that you are sending a notice 30 days prior to leaving the apartment, you should specify in the letter that you are giving the notice of 30 days. 

Discuss whether you are ready for inspection:

When tenants leave the property, the landlords perform the inspection to ensure that the tenant took care of the apartment during his stay, and if there is any damage to the property, the landlord asks the tenant to compensate him for the damage.

The inspection is usually performed when the tenant has not left the apartment. The tenant lets the landlord know about his readiness to get the inspection done and also mentions the date on which he would like the inspection to be performed. 

Provide your contact details:

Provide your email address and phone number where you or your assistant can be reached in case the landlord wants to know more about the notice. 



Friendly 30-Day Notice to Landlord

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Friendly 30-Day Notice to Landlord

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