Debit Note format for Labor Contractor

A labor contractor is a person who is responsible to provide the required manpower to clients. The company writes the letter to that contractor when it does not want the work to be ended by the specified deadline due to the extension in the work.

What is a debit note for a labor contractor?

This note is a formal document that conveys a message to the labor contractor that the sender needs more manpower than what was specified earlier. Through this note, the company or individual issues a request to the recipient and asks for the provision of more labor.

Why write the debit note for more labor?

When a company realizes that the construction work of any kind is not going to be completed within the given time frame due to a sudden increase in the amount of work or due to any reason, it will have to ask the contractor to provide more people so that the work can be completed on time.

How to write a debit note for a manpower contractor?

This note is a kind of request letter that must be drafted in such a way that the request can be conveyed to the targeted person in an efficacious way. Follow the tips given below and see how a note in a professional world can be written:

Discuss the purpose of writing the note:

As soon as you start the note, describe the purpose of writing. Mention it at the very start that you are writing to request to provide you with more men as laborers. Also, mention what has compelled you to make this request. There can be many reasons behind asking the contractor to provide more manpower. Mention what specifically your reason is.

Mention the deadline to complete the work:

The contractor should be informed as to how long you want laborers to work on your project. If you let the contractor know the deadline by which the work must be completed, he can easily determine how long the workers will be required to work.

Provide the work rate details:

In general, people have to increase the pay rate to persuade the reader into accepting the request. Therefore, provide the rate you are ready to pay. To be clearer, mention the previous rate also. Ask the recipient to issue the new invoice in which the total amount to be paid is calculated based on the new rate.

End the note:

The ending should be appropriate and it should tell the contractor that you are waiting for him to reply to you as a response to the request you have made. 

The sample debit note is mentioned below which can help you draft a note of yourself in your particular scenario.

Sample debit note for labor contractor:



Name of the company.

Concerning the request from our company, this note is being written regarding the labor request. The company has decided to extend the wing for which, the company needs a new building. To make a new building, we require more labor force to work for us.

We have already put forward the request for the manpower on 4th October 20XX. The total number of people that we asked for was 40. Since we are extending the construction work and we are in the need of a new building, we would like to bring some minor changes to this number now. Moreover, the deadline to complete the construction of the building has also been extended. 

To complete the work by the extended deadline, we require 40 additional laborers so that we can ensure that the work is completed within the given timeframe.  The company has decided to change the work rate of people also. As per the policy of the company, it was decided to pay 100$ per labor which has now increased to 120$. It is being requested to you issue the revised invoice to us with an updated work rate. I am looking forward to a kind response from your side. Thank you for your anticipation.


Name of the sender,

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Debit Note format for Labor Contractor

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