Cab Reimbursement Email to HR

The process of reimbursement often takes place in the company whenever an employee pays for something that the company he works in is supposed to be paying. 

When the employee uses the taxi to reach somewhere for the work the company has assigned to him, he knows that the company should be paying him for this. It is also the rule of almost every organization to compensate those workers who pay on behalf of the company. The employee should ensure that he writes to HR as soon as he pays for the taxi and should not wait for many days and pass.

Why write the email for compensation?

No worker in a company is expected to pay for the company from his pocket. Employees have a limited amount of salary and they should not pay for the work they are doing because they were commanded to do it. Usually, the company promises to reimburse the transportation expenses and asks the employee to provide the details of using the transport service so that the exact amount can be reimbursed.

What should be included in the taxi reimbursement email?

Unlike a letter, the email does not have a strict format to follow. The employee only needs to focus on the content of the email. Therefore, make sure that you include the following components in the letter:

The subject of the email:

One of the most important parts of the email sent to HR is the subject. Before you draft the electronic mail, you should add the subject to the email. The subject lets the reader understand what the email is about. If the subject has something meaningful, the recipient of the email will never ignore it. When you are applying for compensation for cab-related expenses, mention it in the subject.

Introduction of the employee:

The first information that HR should be able to obtain from this email is the introduction of the worker. Although HR receives the email address of the person also, he can’t judge who has sent the email. The employee should tell his name, his designation in the company, the department in which he works, and some other pertinent details in the email.

Give a description of cab expenses:

This is a formal message that is supposed to be sent to HR. Therefore, without wasting any time, the employee should come to the main point of the letter. Mention the date on which you hired the cab, the site you visited through the cab, the total amount you were charged by the driver, and much more. All these details will let HR determine that you have provided accurate details.

To make things more evident, don’t forget to include the copy of the receipt received at the payment of the cab fare. You can attach it to the email and let the reader know about it in the body of the email.

Read the sample below and try to figure out how to apply for reimbursement.

Sample cab reimbursement email to HR:


Email address of the HR:


Email address of the employee:

Subject: request to reimburse cab expenses


Respect HR:

My name is Mr. Johnson and I work as a branch manager in the sales department of your company. I was asked to visit the (mention the site) upon the order issued by the company. The visit to that site was made on 14th November 20XX. To reach the site, I hired a cab and paid 150$.

According to the policy of the company, I should be reimbursed for the visits that I pay to various sites for professional work. Therefore, I would like to request to you kindly compensate me the amount of 150$ for the cab fare I paid from my own pocket. I am attaching a copy of the receipt and the ticket I received from the cab driver. I am looking forward to a kind response from your side.


Name of the employee,

Designation of the employee in the company

Signatures of the employee


Cab Reimbursement Email to HR

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