Letter of Absence from School as a Teacher

If you are working in a school as a teacher, you will be required to seek permission from the principal of the school before you go away from work school. Teachers are required to write a leave of absence since they commit with the school to remain present and don’t go on leave without the permission of the higher authorities.

Why does a teacher write a leave application letter?

Whenever a teacher in a school is required to remain absent from work due to any personal reason, he or she will be in the need to write the application.

When to write the leave application letter?

A teacher can write this letter whenever she has to remain absent from school due to any reason. Through this letter, the teacher tries to convince the principal into allowing her to leave the workplace for a specific time period to execute her tasks. Before the teacher writes this letter, he or she should ensure that there is some space for the principal to accept this application. If the teacher has already acquired the entire annual leaves, writing this letter can be useless unless there is a solid reason for applying.

How to write?

 Below are some guidelines to follow:

Ask for a leave grant:

As soon as you start this letter, make a request to allow you to go on leave. Mention the starting and ending dates of the leave duration you are requesting. Make sure that you are clear when you ask the reader to provide the leave.

Mention the reason:

A teacher doesn’t need to provide a reason. But there are some situations when it is required for a teacher to convince the principal for granting leave. In this situation, the reason might make a difference to the outcomes of writing this leave application.

Discuss the work you were assigned:

After reading this letter, the principal might want to know what the school will do without you. So, discuss your work and mention how things can go smoothly in your absence. If you have provided the replacement, do mention it in the letter to prove that you care for your job and you have a professional approach.

Attach relevant documents:

It is important to ensure that all the necessary documents have been attached to the letter that can help you prove that your reason to ask for the leave is genuine.  

Sample letter:


Subject: Letter of absence

Respected sir/madam,

Please consider this letter as a formal request to you from my side to get unpaid leave of 2 weeks from school so that I can take part in the career development program initiated by the British Council.

This program will last for 10 days. Since I have to go out of the station for attending this program, I am required to take a leave from 23rd December to 3rd January.

I have to go on leave because this program has been launched in our country for the very first time and I am not sure if I will be able to attend this program ever again in the future. In addition to it, this career development program will help me shape my career and teach students more effectively.

I am enclosing some important documents to prove my enrolment in the program. I hope that after attending this program, I will be in a better position to teach in your esteemed school. While I stay away from work, I would be happy if you find a replacement for two weeks.

I have already created a lesson plan for these two weeks that I hand over to Miss Lisa before I leave. You can give it to the replacement as it will provide ease in teaching the course to my classes. Please allow me to go on leave and attend this program. You can reach me anytime if you have any queries in mind.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and consideration


Signatures of the teacher


Letter of Absence from School as a Teacher

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