Letter of Temporary Suspension of Services

The suspension of the services is a deliberate action that a business takes whenever such kind of situation arises. It is common for a company to terminate its services although, it is not desirable. The suspension does not affect the business if it is handled professionally. Lots of steps are taken to keep things under control. One of the primary actions to be taken is to communicate with people who are going to be affected by the closure.

What is a letter of temporary suspension of services?

This is an information letter that brings news to customers of a business that the services of the business will remain unavailable for a while. Through this letter, the business communicates with its customers and clients and informs them about the temporary closure so that people don’t have to face further inconvenience. 

Why it is important to write a letter when the services are going to be turned off?

People who have to buy the services of the business face inconvenience when they come to know that the service provider has closed the services temporarily. if customers and related people are informed in time, they can save themselves from the inconvenience by switching to some other service providers for quicker delivery of services.

People like to be served by such businesses that are quick when it comes to informing their customers whenever anything goes wrong. This shows that they have a professional approach to their work and they care for and value their respected buyers. This letter also shows that you are aware of the hardships people go through when something unexpected happens.

When to write a letter to inform about the short-term closure of services?

Whenever a business moves towards the interim termination of its regular operations, it is required to inform people about it. Some of the common situations in which the need to write this letter arises are:

  1. When there are technical faults in the company, it is unable to make the timely delivery of the product or services.
  2. When there is something unexpected happens such as a fire in the market or any such incident that collapses the entire industry.
  3. When the company is updating its services and needs to stop the service delivery for a while. 

Best practices for writing:

The best practices that people follow for writing an effective letter are:

  1. Inform the customers that you are regretful to announce the closure and if you know the exact duration of the suspension, make sure that you mention the starting and ending period.
  2. Keep the letter short and only remain focused on this tough decision of terminating the services. If you are interested in sharing the reason, go with it. Otherwise, giving the reason is not important at all.
  3. Write that you are aware of the problems people are going to face because of the provisional closure.

The sample letter given below can be of great help to you if you are confused as to how to communicate this tough decision to your valued customers without upsetting them or making them switch to other brands. 

Sample letter:


Subject: Temporary suspension of services

Respected (Mention the name of the recipient),

ABC Enterprises is very regretful to announce to its valued customers that there will be a temporary suspension of services from 10th January 20XX to 13th January 20XX due to some technical problems in the company.

The manager of the company, who was overseeing all the operations of the company passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest. His sudden demise put the company in a problem and lots of mismanagement occurred.

We have hired a new manager who has taken over the responsibilities of the previous manager. She is also looking into the technical faults that have occurred unexpectedly.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience. However, we assure you that this is temporary and we will be back with the same spirit and energy to serve our valued customers with the best quality services. Thank you so much for your cooperation.


Letter of Temporary Suspension of Services

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