2nd Reminder Letter for Payment

For many people, it is a considerably challenging task to collect money that is pending from the other side. Some people shy away from asking for the money. However, in the business world, this task is performed systematically by writing a letter or email to the targeted person.

What is 2nd reminder letter for payment?

This is a second letter written to the debtor to remind him of making the payment that he was supposed to pay. It is written after one reminder letter has already been sent.

In a first letter to remind the debtor about the payment, the creditor talks about the money to be collected from the recipient. In the first letter, the creditor generally tries to write the request for money in a friendly way. However, when he does not receive the payment even after making the recipient remember to pay, he writes a second letter.

What is the purpose of writing the second letter to prompt the reader?

The basic objective of writing every reminder letter is to let the reader know that he is late in fulfilling his promise. With this letter, the reader starts to realize that he is causing inconvenience to the other person. In addition to it, when the creditor mentions in the letter that it is a second letter, it is an indirect message for the debtor that the creditor is waiting for the payment and now he should pay as soon as possible.

Things to remember while writing:

There is generally so much pressure on the creditor to maintain his business relationship with his customers by tolerating them while asking for the payment. Therefore, they need to be cautious as to how they put forward their demand without ruining the relationship with the customer. Every person who has to write another letter for making demand for payment should keep the following points in mind:

Watch your tone:

The second letter to prompt the reader is a bit different from the first one. In this letter, the sender is required to change his tone so that the recipient can also understand that now the sender is getting annoyed.

The first letter to prompt the reader is always friendly. Likewise, the second letter is also friendly but here; the claimant has to show here that he knows his mean business, and collecting payment from the borrower is all he wants from the borrower.

Mention that you are writing for the second time:

Some people forget to mention that they have reminded the borrower before also. Due to this, many borrowers don’t take the letter seriously and often ignore it. To collect money, you must try to ensure that you don’t forget to mention that you have written before and now you want the payment to be made. In case, the creditor has been given the authority to take action against the borrower if he does not pay the money even after the second letter, it will alert him and he will immediately pay the money.

Remind about how much to pay:

Tell the reader how much he should pay by assuming that he may have forgotten the actual amount to be paid. in case there is a fine imposed on the total amount due to late payment, mention it separately and then add it to the total amount in the letter.

Sample letter:

Subject: Second reminder letter for payment on [X]

Dear customer,

This letter is being written about invoice No. 21255. We have sent a letter to remind you to make the payment on 21st Oct 20XX; however; we failed to hear from you. Therefore, your account is now 15 days past due, and payment of 1000$ is now pending on your side.

You are our valued customer and we expect you to remit the money to avoid any kind of actions taken against you that can damage your credit score. If you have a genuine reason for not making the payment, you can call at 42263524 and ta to us. I would be happy to arrange payment from your side in instalments. Looking forward to your response.


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2nd reminder letter for payment

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