Request Letter for Early Salary Release


Re. Early Salary Release for the month of [X]

Dear Sir, I am writing to request you an earlier release of my salary as per urgency. I have a medical emergency in my family which necessitates my maximum contribution in financial terms. Therefore, I want to get my salary for [MONTH] [X] days before the date of the actual release. The regularized date of salary release is not so far, therefore, I think it will not make a big difference in record-keeping, payroll organization, and its order.

Sir, my mother has been suffering from Kyphosis, with a curvature of 20 degrees from the normal spine angle. She has been suffering from chronic spine and back pain since 20XX. Her physician has consulted to go through surgical treatment of the spine which can reduce the angle of the curvature of the spine.

With this, pain can be reduced and with continuous treatment, the spine can reduce to greater degrees and can get back to normal. For the treatment which will be surgical, I need to pay $X for the treatment before [DATE]. As the salary is always deposited on [DATE] of every month, it will be a little late for me to pay for the medical bills.

For the in-time treatment, I need my salary on [DATE]. Please direct the relevant authorities to release my salary on [DATE]. I shall be highly grateful to you for this. In case of any further, I can provide details or appear in person. Please respond to me on [EMAIL]. I thank you in advance for your kindness.

Best Regards

Request letter for early salary release

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Re. Salary Release on [DATE]

Dear Sir,

I am [NAME] from the [DEPARTMENT]. I have been working in this company since 20XX as an [DESIGNATION]. Recently, I got admission in [COURSE] in the [UNIVERSITY COLLEGE] in the Weekend Short Courses Program (WSCP).

I have to pay my fee for the course which has a deadline on [DATE]. After the mentioned date, the university shall not accept the fee and has the authority to cancel my candidature and repudiate my enrollment right according to the Enrollment Rules and Regulations mentioned in their prospectus. To pay my fee in time, I need my salary on [DATE].

I enrolled myself in the [COURSE] to equip myself with the technical methods of research and enhance my knowledge in the field of Research Studies. As my position in the office demands greater knowledge and use of the technical methods of research for project management, systematic research, and the consolidation of various tasks into a single unit.

Moreover, I understand I need a further knowledge base to get promoted and excel in this field to have a thriving future. 

As the classes will be held on weekends and virtually, therefore, I take this chance as a wonderful opportunity. This course is [X] months long and will be covered with [X] subject syllabus and [X] modules.

Therefore, I think, this will not affect my work at the office. Please accept my heartiest request for the early release of my salary. I shall be obliged. Thanking you in anticipation.


Request letter for early salary release

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