Suspension Letter to Employee for Drinking Alcohol

What is a suspension letter?

Suspension means putting a temporary ban on the employee from working. The suspension letter is written to the employee to make him stop working in the company for a while. This decision is generally taken to show everyone that the company can take serious disciplinary actions to correct the actions of its workers. The duration of the suspension depends on the nature and intensity of the misconduct.

Why is a temporary ban sent to the employee for drinking vine?

Bosses write this letter to their workers when they want them to learn a lesson from a mistake. Some employees are good at performing their duties and contribute a lot to the success of the company. The employer does not want to let go of them and therefore, suspends them to make them feel how it feels like being thrown out of office due to misconduct.

Some managers also suspend their workforce because it is included in the policy of the company to not terminate the employee immediately when they are found consuming vine at work.

The basic purpose of this letter is to let the workforce learn that when there are no ethics for work, there will be serious consequences. The decision to ban the employee temporarily is a clear sign for the worker that if he did not correct himself, he will not be let off next time.

Who has the authority to write a letter of suspension?

Managerial directors of the company decide to make the employee stop working for a while and the hiring manager of the firm is given the authority to write the letter to inform the employee that strict action has been taken against us.

What are the main elements of the letter of deprivation of the worker?

If you want to write a letter to the employee to let him know about his suspension, make sure your letter includes the following components:

A statement that informs the employee about his misconduct:

As soon as the letter begins, the workman should be informed about the fact that the company has come to know that he was drinking during office hours, and this has been deemed as serious misconduct. The company should be clear about its policy regarding handling such incidents and must discuss them in the letter.

A suspension statement:

The workman should come to know that the company has decided to not let him work for the company in his position for a specific period. In this area, several other details regarding the suspension can be given. Also, notify the worker that the decision is the result of a thorough investigation.

Communicate your expectations:

Every boss expects that the worker will come back to work as a new and improved person once his suspension period is over. The boss should communicate these expectations and he should also tell him that if he repeats the mistake, he will have to face serious results such as permanent termination from the office.

Sample suspension letter:

Subject: Letter of suspension

This is to bring to your attention that you have been seen drinking alcohol at the office during office hours (mention the date). I have also confirmed this from various people in the company.

As you know, it is against the work ethics to drink alcohol during work, and it was mentioned in the employment contract that you signed. There are serious consequences of indulging oneself in this harmful activity during office hours.

Upon thorough investigation and discussion, the company has decided to suspend you from work for a month as a penalty. The suspension period will start from (mention the date) to (mention the date).

Please be informed that not showing compliance to no alcohol at work policy can result in even more serious consequences. If you have anything to ask, feel free to contact us (mention the phone number and email address).




Suspension Letter to Employee for Drinking Alcohol

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