New Employee ID Card Request Letter

Every employee in an organization is issued an id card as soon as they join the company. This card stays with them as long as they remain part of that company. It is used to identify them and shows their association with the business they work for. 

What is a new employee ID card request letter?

Identity cards for any purpose are issued by following a proper channel. The company issues a new Id card and renews an expired one upon the request of the employee. The company then investigates if the ID card request has been made by an authentic person and then takes a decision. 

A person who has joined a company in any position writes a request letter and applies for a new ID card. Through this card, the employee tries to get identified and shows a strong bond with the company he has been hired by. 

To whom one should write the request letter for a new identity card?

In general, the human resource manager is responsible for receiving such applications as they are responsible for managing all the issues and applications received by newly hired employees. However, different companies may have different individuals dealing with the applications of new employees. When you join a company, get information as to whether you need to apply or the id card will be issued to you without any application. Then you will need to decide on who you should approach. 

Why is it important to have an id card?

These days due to security concerns, organizations have become very vigilant about the entrance of people into the building. Those who want to enter are required to show their association with the company. Employees usually show their ID cards at the entrance. This card is also used by them when they have to access the private areas of the office. So, new employees have to face serious problems due to not having a new card. 

Usually, they use an offer letter or appointment letter as proof of their employment in the company. However, this is not practical because no document other than an id card is easy to carry around. 

How to write the request for a new identity card?

Writing a request letter as a new employee requires you to follow the following steps:

Give your details:

You should provide all the details that are needed by the reader to process your application. Mention your name, your designation in the company, the name of the department, your date of joining, etc. Make sure that you spell your name correctly because it will have an impact on your identity card. 

Attach appointment letter:

When you write the request letter, the reader may not trust your letter as your verification is very important. To give proof, you should attach your appointment letter with the letter so that the reader can verify your employment and then process your request. 

Ask for a new card:

Ask the reader to issue the id card to you since you are a new employee and having an identity badge will show your association with the company and it will be easy for you to work smoothly and perform your duties. Also, provide your contact details so that the reader can reach out to you to get further details.  

If you don’t know how to write an effective request letter, read the sample letter given below:

Sample letter:



Name of the company:

Subject: New ID card request letter

Respected sir, 

I (mention your name) have recently joined your organization as a sales manager in the marketing department. I have been issued an employee number which is _________. This letter is being written in order to request you to please issue me a new id card. I am attaching a copy of my appointment letter with this letter as proof of my employment. A quick response and processing of my request will be appreciated. 

If you want to know anything about it, I can be reached at (mention your phone number or email address). 

Thanking you, 


Name of the employee 


New Employee ID Card Request Letter

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