Explanation Letter for Project Not Completed in Time

For every professional person, it is extremely important to meet the expectations of the people who are supervising them. Performing all your duties, doing quality work, and submitting your project on time is a must. When you submit a project on time, you show that you respect the deadline and also the expectations that people have from them. 

Not submitting a project on time usually causes inconvenience to those who are impacted by it. This often annoys them. Writing an explanation letter is an opportunity for people to explain their situation and clear misunderstandings and apologize. 

What is an explanation letter for a project not completing on time?

Sometimes, the delivery or submission of a project is late due to many factors. When a project is not delivered on time, it shows that the person working on the project is not serious or does not respect the deadline. To clear this misunderstanding, an explanation letter is written. 

When there is a genuine reason for not completing the project before the deadline, writing an explanation letter allows the project manager to explain that reason so that the reader can understand that the delay in the submission of a project makes sense. 

Through this clarification letter, the project manager also gets an opportunity to apologize that ultimately making things go right. 

What are the benefits of the explanation letter on late submission?

Explanation letters are professional letters that are written in a professional setting. Usually, people who write these letters are asked to write an explanation. However, they can also choose to write without even being asked. Here are the top benefits:

This letter clears misunderstandings:

People write an explanation letter when they feel that the other person is having negative views about them because they could not meet the deadline. This usually happens when the other person does not know the other side of the story. The explanation letter will allow you to explain the reality 

It helps you prevent consequences:

The company can terminate the contract with you or reject your project if it is not submitted in time. However, if you can prove that the delay was not deliberate and it occurred due to some sort of mishap or something else that was bound to happen, you can prevent the consequences of late submission. 

It helps you get more time:

In some cases, you want the reader to know that although the project submission could not meet the deadline, it is on its way. The client can wait for the project delivery instead of canceling it. 

It helps you protect your credibility:

When you are late, it shows that you do not care for your commitments to your clients and therefore, you are not trustworthy. However, you would never like to establish this type of impression. When you write an explanation letter, you can play your part to not let this impression develop. 

To understand how you can explain your situation to the person when you are late in the submission of the project, read the sample letter given below. 

Sample explanation letter:

Subject: Explanation letter for delay in the project

Respected sir, 

I am (mention your name) writing this letter to apologize for the delay in the project that I was supposed to be completed by 28th Jan 20XX. This project is 7 days late because the company I was relying on for financial expenses did not release the payment on time. Due to this delay, I could not buy the raw material for the completion of the project. 

Due to not having enough money, I had to put the entire project on hold for a week. 

I seek an apology from you for not being able to submit the project in time and appreciate you for the patience and calmness you have demonstrated in this matter. I assure you that the project will be completed by 10 February 20XX with no further delay. Thank you once again for your cooperation. 


Name of the project manager, 


Explanation Letter for Project Not Completed in Time

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